OK, I Know I’m a Freak

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  • February 22, 2007
But I couldn’t resist! Birdie, Ibuki, and Akuma came in the mail today and I just had to spazz out for a second. Now my collection is complete! Kinda. Don’t have Sodom or Remy– but I didn’t want them anyway.

Isn’t the bucket full of extra heads and fists creepy?
Next post, we’ll get you guys some porn– promise!


  • Digitalmirage says:

    Its a very nice collection you have! I love the bucket-Oheads. hehe, some of them look like there kissing in the pic, like the ones of M. Bison and Sagat. Aww.. so cute and silly. Only somone like me would notice that. :p

  • Kristophe says:

    Mon Dieu! You’ve been busy! I like the new layout, although I must admit I liked your old links page better, LOL. Gee, I wonder why…

  • JC says:

    Hey Dig. LOL @ the heads kissing. You’re right, I definetely didnt notice.

    Hey Kristophe. You’re talking about my site redo, I take it. If you’re referring to the fact that my old links page had your site on it, fret not– becasue your link is still there. on the 4th page of artists sites.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    Sorry for not commenting in such a long while!

    I just wanted to say GREAT NEW LOOK on your Anti-Heroes site! I L-O-V-E it, dude! :oD

    Also, loved this posting. I totally understand your need to spazz out over your three new Street Fighter toys! I get the same way when I add a new figure to my collection!

    I envy you SF collection!!! They look so awesome all together like that!

    And I’m with digitalmirage on this one — the bucket of heads is great!!!

    Very fun post, as always! Take care, my friend!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

    PS — I don’t blame you for not really wanting Sodom and Remy. The Remy from this collection looks awful… and Sodom… well, he’s kinda icky period! Cheers, Dude! :o)

  • Manny says:


    Hey dude! Long time no see! I am so sorry I haven’t replied on you blog for a few months but I have been as busy as all hell here in Sydney!

    The blog is looking fantastic, and like Patrick’s blog I have heaps of catching up to do, and I am sure that it will be fun doing so now that I have some free time up my sleeve.

    So how have you been and how the hell are you??


  • JC says:

    Patrick! hey thanks for stoppin’ by and the compliment on the new site design. Next step is to get the blog to look like that too.

    Its also good to know someone else who still gets excited for new action figs! Bad news though– I hear they arent doing anymore SF guys. Too bad– I really wanted them to make Nash and Rose and Sean.

    And MANNY! WOA! I totally thought the worst when you stopped blogging. Thought u mighta got attacked by a drop-bear! LOL. Good to know you are healthy and happy and busy. Cuz when u’re busy that means u’re makin’ DOUGH! haha.

    I’ve been cool. Really pushing the erotic art now that the day-job is over. Free days = more art from me– which is good for all u guys! Take care.

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC,

    LOL @ Drop Bear, though keeping in mind it is Mardi Gras this week in Sydney and over the past few weeks I have seen my fare share of Bears, all I can say is “Fuck, can they drink beer or what!” And I’m not going to tell what they do when they get the munchies on and decide they wanna eat!

    Chat again soon


  • Manny says:

    Hey JC!

    One more sleep to go until Mardi Gras! You should be here dude, so many sexy men, it’s like a smorcas board of Bunz that are so tight you could bounce them off a wall!


  • JC says:

    aw i didnt know there was a mardi gras in Sydney. Have fun dude!

  • Manny says:

    Oh What a night Mardi Gras was, dancing around with some 12,000 half naked sweaty men, though it’s now Tuesday in Sydney, I’m still trying to stop my head from mooshing around and solidify my brain.


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