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Thick Dick Duck Hunk

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For as long as I can remember, cartoon ducks have always been my heart. I don’t know what it is, I just find them adorable. So, I was dreading (but still anticipating) when and if I’d add an anthro duck to my sexy Layup lineup.

A chunk of me feels like this is sacrilegious since I lump toon duckies in with babies and flowers and all things cute and sweet. But then I remind myself that I did indeed have a crush on Launchpad… and though I never jerked it to these drawings of Ace Duck from the TMNT comic books, 12 year old me did indeed redraw these panels nude, sometimes with Zeke‘s head, for some long lasting fap material.

I mean– for an Archie comic book, those are some pretty racy drawings, no?


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Because, of course, since I don’t already have enough characters (heh heh) here’s some new ones for ya!

 I could never really put into words how I felt about furry. 8 or so years ago, I guess it kinda turned me off… but I couldn’t help but marvel at the work of some of the furry artists. Slowly but surely, some furry pieces here and there would cause a bit of a stir in my pants. And now, in my perverted old age (22– heh heh!) I’m completely into it!

 So yes, Layup is a series of sexy anthro men who play in a sexy anthro b-ball league! Tangle is the first one I drew. It was a little tricky drawing a bunny who’s not Buster or Babs, but hopefully I succeeded in making him look different than them. Next up was SilverMoon. I knew I wanted to tackle a wolf early on because they’re a mainstay of all great furry artists. And lastly came Ridge, the boar, simply because I wanted to do a species that I don’t really see that often. Of the 3, I’m leaning toward Ridge as my fave. Don’t forget to rollover each char for the stiff dong version. Special thanks to KittMouri for the names.

There will be more Layup boys, for sure, but I’ll introduce them intermittently. So don’t worry, I’ve not become a furries-only artist. Just wanted to show you guys just how wild I can get. 😛