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St.Nick Jr. 2018

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Jr’s 5th appearance, joined by the reindeer from my anthro series and a new hairy-assed elf. So yea, this spitroast is definitely the raunchiest Christmas drawing yet but my favorite aspect is upholding the use of text theme in all St. Nick Jr. drawings! Full version on my Patreon!

More from this series:

(2007) A particularly creative year for me, came up with tons of characters I use a lot, including this guy. At the time I got flack for drawing “another skinny Santa.” But I think he holds up as a unique design. Watch the GIF for both clothed and naked versions!

(2008) Trying to evoke those cheesy X-rated holiday cards. Love his outfit here.

(2011) Definitely upping the sleaze factor. The well-fucked-elf theme seems to stick going forward…

(2012) Most proud of the disgusting story this illustration tells and the fact that I came up with all of it in like a day. Also love the color blocking here.

And a MERRY FUCKIN CHRISTMAS to me for actually getting a new holiday related piece out! (For some reason that’s been difficult these past few years…)


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I’ve been debating whether or not to post these as the project isn’t quite over yet and I am technically still hoping to get work from them. But it’s been a long time since my last assignment and I get the feeling the brand may be kaput. So here are a few suggestive Christmas ornaments I was commissioned to design by

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Good commercial clients are hard to find. Yunno, the ones who know what they’re talking about when they give direction– the ones who don’t hesitate, even for a second, about illustration rates. 😛

Anyways, you’ll find that I’ve updated my rates page to include non-commercial commissions now. Try me– you’ll be surprised at what a broke perverted artist will draw!

Black History Month: Caleb

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So I couldn’t do so much yammering about black fictional characters in celebration of Black History Month without including my own: Caleb.

My experience in the U.S. wherein blacks are a minority, has caused me to feel a responsibility to include at least one major black character in every set of illustrations / characters I create. Some might call this tokenism, but I don’t think that necessarily has to have negative connotation. Growing up, I was always more apt to consume media that included your “token” black character. I saw these media as integrated, which was important to me.

Tokenism is bad when the black character is a stereotype or when OTHER token traits are applied to him. Like when the token black character is also the token nerd… or token fatty… or token midget… or token foreigner… or token indeterminate race character. Instances like that single the character out, which is counter-productive to the idea of their inclusion in the first place.

Rant, rant, preach, preach, I know, I’m sorry. But I swear, if I see another show where the black one is a wimpy awkward skinny ugly geek with big-ass glasses, I’m going to stab myself.

Anyway, enjoy this latest drawing of Caleb, the black Anti-Hero. I hope what I’ve done with this guy is create a character who is defined by more than his skin color. He’s the brain and the leader, which for me naturally progressed to become this sort-of bossy megalomaniacal mercenary. He’s also very handsome and knows it, like he knows everything, but doesn’t flaunt it. He prefers to flaunt his intelligence and commanding personality. And… his dick. That’s one stereotype I’m happy to perpetuate.