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Like Father Like Son

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“Dad’s always letting that shameless villain Anaconda get the better of him! I know he told me to keep out of this, but I have to help! Moral Boy must prove that I’m as worthy of this costume Mr. Moral! My morals are just as strong as my his!

Ooh, but Anaconda is so damned sexy… those bulging chocolate pecs… those rippling washboard abs… and that beautiful massive fuckstick! Oh no, I’ve fallen into the same trap as Dad! Anaconda will once again have his way and spill two generations of Moral seed at once!”

Commissioned Piece. Enjoy!

Nightmare Fantasy

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Disclaimer: Seb is a cartoon and therefore does not have to think of the consequences of getting wasted and letting 11 mysterious throbbing rock-hard raw dicks of varying shapes and sizes mercilessly use and breed his tight little quivering oozing boy-hole. >___<

X-Ray Moves!

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Today you guys have special x-ray vision for my two latest commissioned pieces starring Anaconda and his followers!

See how deep Anaconda’s stiff dick burrows inside Moral Boy’s wrecked guts!

Marvel at how far down Tyrone can swallow cutie Jamal’s monster member!

(Yea, I know, I’m sick. But hey, the ideas and characters aren’t mine– so I had help!)

Mister Moral’s DP

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Another installment in this series of commissions starring the client’s character, the sexually villainous Anaconda, his arch nemesis’ piggy husband Mr. Moral, and his would-be protégé Jamal. Was very pleased to see Mr. Moral return for another helping of Anaconda’s man-meat, but who knew he’d be in for a
double dose of dick with the inclusion of the sidekick! hehe!

Who’s the most phenomenal extraordinary fellow?

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SINBAD THE SAILOR! (10 points if you get that reference.)

ROLL OVER to see what gets him through those long Arabian Nights!

So, here we have one of my latest commissions, sexy, sweaty Sinbad and the Old Man of the Sea. The Old Man was said to trick travelers into letting him ride on their shoulders while they transported him across a stream. However, the Old Man would then not release his grip, forcing his victims to transport him wherever he pleased. Funny how these ancient stories can so easily be seen as homoerotic.