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Figure Drawing: Mike

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This week, I give you Mike, one of the more popular models at erotic figure drawing. With his boyish good lucks, friendly personality and mammoth sized penis, he always turns out a crowd. But it’s usually a disgruntled bunch as Mike continually proves to be one of the hardest models to draw.

The reason for this is because no one is able to get a really good likeness of the guy. His eyes are super squinty, like he’s permanently high; he shaves his head and has a prominent beard (of varying thickness in these drawings because they are from 2 different sittings.) On paper, all of these features make him look older than he is. So everyone is usually frustrated, me included, because none of our drawings resemble the cute, young, laid-back hipster in front of us.

Yea, it’s a fat one. Like really girthy. And it looks more so because he’s a short dude.

I really liked this pose below. It was super difficult for him though.

Both times I’ve drawn Mike, the director was very prop happy, bringing out everything but the kitchen sink for Mike to pose with. Yes these are footed pajamas.

I like the pose below a lot as well. This one really captures his stature, I think.

Don’t ask me where our director got a wedding gown train. Fun to draw, but wtf?

And yea, no imagination on my part here. He sat on one dildo and sucked on another for 20 whole minutes. A real champ, this guy. ♥

Figure Drawing: Brian

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This week’s figure drawing session was a real treat. The few grainy photos I got in email didn’t do the guy justice at all. So, I was more than pleased to find out this model was way hotter in person!

He plays in a gay football league and brought his uniform and let me tell you how crazy fun it was to draw!

Some artists were asking the director to not include the uniform after the first few times, but I loved it! It was great practice and it’s not like I’m ever going to have the opportunity to draw this again.

He was a real nice guy and I actually ended up seeing him at Folsom yesterday, decked out in a hot leather harness. Maybe when he comes back to drawing, that’s what he’ll wear! Can’t wait!

Figure Drawing: Doug

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Hey so it’s been a minute since you’ve seen one of these. So here ya go– Another set of figure drawings from the Leslie-Lohman Foundation’s Erotic Drawing Studio.

This week’s model was named Doug. I admit to not being super attracted to Doug when I saw him. He was a good-looking man, but not quite my type.

So I was prepared for a kinda humdrum evening of drawing… that is, of course, until I saw his peepee.

It was one of those long snakey ones, very reminiscent of the kind Mike draws. Now, I’m a girth man, myself, so I admit to being more mystified and confused rather than turned on.

Then, weeks and weeks later, when I scanned all these for the blog, I looked at them in a whole different light. I dunno whether it was because I hadn’t cum in a few days or whether my tastes just suddenly changed, but I definitely got an erection from this series and may or may not have… christened them.

My only explanation for why I was turned on by them now as opposed to initially is that maybe it’s my inner slut shining through. Sometimes, someone I don’t find so hot one day, I’ll find totally fuckable weeks later. I’m a slut, I’m a ho, I’m a freak. Gotta different boy every day of the week.

Kemonomimi Fun!

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And not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Imaged “Sonic,” this pic to the right was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but the audio bonus track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.

Bucky, You Naughty Boy

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In Erotic Figure Drawing this week, the 2 models were both guys I’d drawn previously. One is a cute little pocket-gay and the other is a tall hulking mastodon of hairy beef. I figured I’d better make this class because these guys together will make for some interesting drawings! Upon telling my friends the news, they all suggested I turn the drawings into famous “daddy/boy” “big guy/little guy” pairings. And so here you have… Cap and Bucky!

For this pose, both the little guy and big guy sat on chairs covered in cloth. Little guy tweaked big guy’s nipple while big guy (who was super oral) tongued little guy’s neck and face. At first, I was bummed that from my angle, I couldn’t see little guy’s cock. But midway through the pose, big guy’s cock started standing up at attention, entrancing all of us that had such a pleasant view.

The FULL CUMMY STIFF COCK VERSION of this piece is up in Anti-Heroes.Net > Members Gallery > Fan-Art… enjoy!

Figure Drawing: Victor Steele

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I’ve got a big chunk of figure drawing for you dudes today featuring Eric, or as most of us know, Victor Steele, porn actor extraordinaire. Each of these are done with graphite and water soluble oil pastels. The pastel goes on the watercolor paper like crayon, but if you add a wet brush to that, you can get something that looks a little like watercolor.

Why are there so many of these up? Well, this is what I’ve amassed from three seperate non-consecutive figure drawing sessions with Victor. Over the months, I drew many other models in between the 3X I drew Victor. But I thought, since I’ve compiled so many of these pieces featuring the same model, I might as well post them all together. This is only 10 of the 20 I have up on > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing.

As I am a slut and usually don’t like to draw the same model more than once, the fact that I’ve drawn Victor Steele 3X is pretty unusual for me. I think this is because I really enjoy drawing him. I’ve come up with a caricature that I think works.

He’s so fun to draw because his body is somewhat deceptive. He’s got the muscle tone of a virile, strapping young man but at the same time, he is also quite slender and dare I say, even graceful! He does not have that default super-hero bod I always draw. He’s got an elegant swan-like neck and gorgeously toned, lithe body.

And of course it doesn’t hurt that he has a big dick, as well!

I know no man likes to be called elegant or graceful, and I wish there more manly words to describe what I meant. Rest assured, Victor Steele seems really masculine. He is a former Marine and served for a pretty long time. I can’t remember exactly how many years he said but it was enough to make me be like “wow.”

Once he said that, his perfect posture made so much more sense. People who’ve served in the U.S. military always have amazing posture. For the pose above, he stood at attention for 20 minutes.

Also, he actually posed a few times in his official Marine Corps uniform! We were all dumbfounded and drooling. Later on, I asked him, “Um… is that even legal… posing in your uniform?” He replied in the most serious tone ever, “Why wouldn’t it be? It’s my uniform.” I love that answer.

I think he lives in my hood as I see him all the time at my local bar. I’ve also seen him gogo-ing at the Cock. I was caught staring, so I went over and spoke to him. I said, “You are really hot but every time I see you, all I can see is my crayon cartoon version of you.” He laughed.

Figure Drawing: Cesar

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Never fails, every time I receive the erotic figure drawing workshop model’s picture in e-mail, my pre-conceived notion of what he’s going to be like always totally wrong.

So I get the pic of Cesar, a handsome young shorty playfully showing off his abs with a backwards cap, strategically tweezed eyebrows and a cocky grin on his face. Naturally, I assume he’s going to be this confident, showy stud on the model stand. Nope.

This kid was so nervous, he looked like he wanted to be put out of his misery every moment he was up there. What made it worse for him was that he (like all our models) had taken a little blue happy pill before the session and was throbbing hard the entire time.

As the night went on, his cock got harder and harder but he got more and more freaked out. It’s a shame because the kid was very attractive. Come to find out he was a dancer, so that’s where all the tight muscle came from. He was also very very short and very very smooth and glossy which added to the unwittingly innocent vibe he was giving off.

But all and all, for me, it was a pretty boring night. I had to make up the smile in this last piece. I hope someone likes these drawings.