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Figure Drawing: A New Duo!

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For this week’s figure drawing session, there was another pair of guys. One was James, whom I’ve drawn before, and the other was a new guy, also named James. When drawing two guys, though, it’s difficult to get a good facial likeness along with both whole figures. So, for this session, I drew the bodies and left the faces blank, to complete at a later time.

So then, after having the drawings for a little while, I ran through the list of likely muscley couples to turn these into. All-American and Golden Boy didn’t enter my mind for a while because it’s been so long since I’ve drawn them. But once I started the process, it seemed so perfect and natural that these drawings become this sexy duo!

3 of 6 up here. The rest you’ll find in the Figure Drawing gallery on

The Return to Traditional Media

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To be honest, back when I regularly used colored pencil and markers, (some 8 years ago,) I really envied people who could color digitally. Now, digital coloring is pretty much all I do. Recently however, I’ve been offered the chance to participate in a group art show, where originals will be sold at a set price. Being that most of my work is digital, I kinda don’t have originals. I keep the files and just print them out whenever I want to show them or sell them as prints. So how was I going to get myself some originals…?

Anthony Gonzales put me up to the challenge. He basically said that I’ve been using the computer too much and that it’ll be good to show that I still CAN work in traditional media. So I dusted off the ol’ colored pencils and markers, got a pad of brown paper (because stuff just looks so much more arty and bohemian on brown paper,) and got to work!

Basically I just reworked some of my sketches from the figure drawing workshop I go to. Right now though, I feel like I am at a crossroads with where to go with my art. I really like what I’ve done with the colored pencil and marker here, and I definitely want to keep exploring this style of color. But I also want to get much better at digital coloring. I’ve even been thinking of taking a class (I’m looking into this online course by this amazing dude I see at comicon.)

So I don’t know what the future really holds for this stuff. I want to say that I’ll continue to explore different types of media and have a wide variety of different styles for you guys. But who knows– maybe I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg and 2 years from now you’ll be seeing nothing but giant oil paintings on this site…. HAHA (yeah that’ll happen -_-)

Figure Drawing: Adam (revisited)

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This week, I give you more of super sexy Adam. This is the 2nd time I’ve gotten to draw this stud at the erotic drawing workshop I go to. To remind yourself of this guy, go to my first blogpost about him.

For my 2nd go at Adam, I tried to take a little more time and get a little more artistic and experimental than jut my usual graphite pencil on white paper. So these are graphite pencil, white colored pencil for highlight and a little black ink on orange and red construction paper.

You’d think that what turns me on about this guy are his big beautiful smokey brown eyes… or his soft, supple, toned muscular bod… or his cute little perky bubble butt… or his mouth-watering fat curvy tool… but no, it’s none of those things. It’s the nose! I am in love with this man’s nose! It’s just so… distinctive and pronounced– but not huge and ugly. It’s in perfect proportion– but still a strong and proud nose! Is this weird? Probably– I just called someone’s nose strong and proud…

3 of 6 here on the blog. The rest are in Figure Drawing in the Members Gallery of

Figure Drawing: Tyler

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Some of you have noticed that my erotic art goes through “phases.” A few years ago, I was experiencing the height of my “cummy” phase where I’d cover my cartoon studs from head to toe in semen. Right now, you could say that I’m in my “monster balls” phase. I have discovered that I have a fetish for large heavy nutsacks. It’s become something that I try to emphasize in my work. So, you can imagine my delight to discover this week’s workshop model, Tyler, a man naturally blessed with enormous testicles.

In general, I was very pleased with Tyler. His pic looked nothing like him (as usual) and showed him with short black hair and a completely shaven chest. So it was a awesome to see that in reality he was a redhead. I have a bit of a thing for the gingers. And what a bonus to discover he was really super hairy, something I’ve come to LOVE in these past few years. But as I said before, it was undeniably that huge pink bag between his legs that kept my mouth agape and cock hard the entire night.

I tend to find something attractive about all of the models who make it to my blog. But I think this guy was the first one I was actually attracted to. At one point during a break, he was walking around with a long line of precum dangling from his dickhead. You should have seen how tongue tied I got when he tried to make conversation.

3 of 7 here on the blog. The rest are up in Figure Drawing on

Figure Drawing: Luc

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The one thing that remains consistent with these live drawing sessions is that my expectations are ALWAYS WRONG.
Case in point: I was pleased to find the photo of this week’s model, Luc in my e-mail inbox. Thin, young, and smooth, he was lying on a bed, draped in white linens, which only covered a small section of his flacid uncut peepee. So, I packed up my pink construction paper and geared up for a night of barely legal twink-themed fun.

I don’t know what the deal was but if you put that picture next to the guy I drew that night, you would not think they were he same dude. Either that pic was several years outdated or Luc just recently hit puberty. Granted, he was still thin and smooth– but his face… was just way more masculine than in that pic. He had a big ol’ man chin! It totally threw my twink mindset off.

And yeah, he had a humongous dong. Like huge. You guys know me, I don’t normally get freaked by big cocks. But this one really surprised me– not because of his build– cuz I’ve seen plenty of twinks with huge cocks. It surprised me cuz in that pic, it was SOOO tiny!

So, me, wanting to be true to this model, drew a kinda svelte, kinda young, square jawed man… with a gargantuan boner. But the other artists weren’t having it. They came to draw a boy and by-golly they drew Luc as boyish as possible! I dunno, maybe that’s just how he looked in their eyes. But some artists totally made up his dick out of their heads, drawing it much, much smaller than it was. Shit, if I was modeling and someone drew my dick an eighth of it’s size, I’d be kinda pissed.

And no, teddy is not made up. During set-up between poses, one of the artists says jokingly to the director, “So when are you gonna break out the teddy bear?” The director replies, “Should I? I did bring one…” And sure enough, the director brings out a teddy bear for Luc to cuddle while jerking off.

In the end, the class was full of drawings of little boys, and many of the artists were somewhat disturbed by them, claiming they’re going to have to shred them. Not wanting to take them home, Anthony sold a couple of his drawings right there on the spot.
And I guess mine were boy-ISH, but not nearly as shota-tastic as the rest. In fact, a few people noted that my drawings of Luc looked a little like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Hence the “Zoinks.” 4 up here, 4 more in Figure Drawing on Anti-Heroes.Net .

Figure Drawing: James

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Aw, lookey here– I’m giving youze your update a whole day early! Hee hee!

This week I give you James, another of the workshop’s beautiful models. I’ve drawn him with this crazy multicolored pencil I’ve recently acquired. Have any of you guys seen this thing?! It’s pretty awesome-tastic. It’s one pencil but the lead has 3 different colors randomly infused into it. So, depending on at what angle you draw, the color will change– like mid-stroke! INSANITY!

4 of the 9 drawings are posted here. The rest are in the Members Gallery of my site.

Now, on to James. The one word I think describes him most perfectly is… etherial. His features just look… not of this world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a very mysterious and unique look. Like, if we were in Middle-Earth, he’d definitely be an elf. His adorable grin seems to light up a room. You like– picture flowers sprouting where he steps.

James also has a hard, solid, seemingly marble-sculpted body. But somehow, even with all those muscles, he doesn’t come off bulky. Maybe it’s becasue he’s short and the proportions just all seem to fit.

Figure Drawing: Persuasions

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I’ll make this confession: I am very very behind in keeping you dudes up to date on the erotic figure drawing sessions I’ve been attending. One reason for this is because the workshops are weekly and it’s just really hard to keep up. The other reason is that I like to have a backlog of material for the blog and my site– particularly in times of… uncreativeness.

And so yeah, I kindof don’t remember the model from which these were based. All I remember is that I probably wasn’t really attracted to him, which is why I turned each of his poses into a hot Persuasions character!


5 more featuring Marq, Preston, Drakaar, Bruce, & Milan in the Members Gallery of my site.

Figure Drawing: Adam

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Many apologies for the long-time lack of updates, my fine feathered friends. I’ve been busy (as usual, blah blah blah– I know that’s been my mantra lately.) But along with an overhaul of the main site, finishing up issue 3, and maintaining the dreaded 9-5, I’ve been working on another top-secret project which will be frikkin’ amazing if it comes to fruition.

Today, I give you beautiful Adam, one of the regular models at the workshop. This guy is popular. When he’s there, EVERYONE shows up. I admit, even I was impressed the first time I saw him. For one, he actually looks like the preview picture he sends out. I can’t tell you how often it’s the case where the model looks nothing like the photo.

Adam looks to me kinda Italian-ish, but I really don’t know his ethnic heritage. He is fun and challenging to draw because he has these very unique features that sound like they’d make for a weird-lookin’ guy. He’s got a pronounced parrot beak, smoky eyes, and his dick is kinda… twisted. But he is absolutely gorgeous– solid muscular bod, thick dark hair in all the right places, and a tight little butt that makes me salivate. All of his features together make up this stunning… scrumptious… perfect.. DEITY of masculinity. I exaggerate not. He is often depicted as Jesus in some of the other artist’s work.

He’s also a very nice guy. Humble, smiles a lot, and I can tell he genuinely gets off on having all these guys swoon over him. I almost feel a little bad that my drawings don’t capture how hot this guy is. Well, at least I got his awe-inspiring reverso-cock correct! You guys– it is absolutely amazing! Great to watch it go from soft to hard. I mean, when it gets hard, it looks pretty normal with a typical curve. But soft… you totally wanna pick it up and like… twist it.

Figue Drawing: Tony

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For this series of drawings, I really took the time to get to know these new water based markers I’d bought the week before. They don’t blend as well as the alcohol based ones but this particular brand does boast a few other assets. For one, they have a brush tip, allowing me to create lines that look a little like brushstrokes. That’s kinda cool.

The model was a first-timer by the name of Tony. Admittedly, I am not the hugest fan of PA’s, but it was fun to draw something new down there.

So just when I’d gotten used to drawing my little caricatures of Tony, we were treated to an added bonus– namely Brandon! Two for one!

Brandon, or the walking rug, as Wabbit called him, looked a lot more buff than I remembered. He also seemed very into Tony.

A note on this final drawing: talk about challenging! The models were so hot for each other that once they really got into it, they couldn’t hold still for nothin’! It’s so difficult to draw two bodies in perpetual motion that a lot of the other artists simply gave up. But youze guys know I’m a fuggin’ TROOPER and managed to produce something that I’m actually quite proud of. I feel like I really captured a sense of movement there.

Figure Drawing: Conrad

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The following week, armed this time with non-toxic markers, I got to draw Conrad, a beautiful young man with plenty of muscles to spare… who, in these drawings, doubles as a CRAZY GAY SUPER-HERO! HAHA!

For some reason, that day, I was very much in the mood to stylize and hey, super-heroes are my thing, so, voila!

What’re his powers? Sitting around looking pretty. HAHA! A special No-Prize to anyone who can think of a codename for this dude. There’s just a few more are up in the figure drawing section of my site.

Oh, and yes, there is a slight adjustment to the previous post with Nelson. I ended up really hating that blue feathered fill i put on his fur coat. So those versions of those pieces are GONE FODDEVAA!!! I like this newer effect better. For now…

Figure Drawing: Nelson

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GAH! So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve porned you guys up. You have my humblest apologies. Things have been super busy on my end, and as always, I have tons of stuff half-completed (including a scrote-load of new figure drawings!)

This model’s name was Nelson– a real hottie. I was turned on the minute I saw him. Unfortunately, I left early that day, so I only have 3 drawings to show. Why’d I leave early? Well, for 1, I wasn’t feeling great. 2) Some asshole old troll was throwing shade, stating, among other things, that the workshops were much better years ago before they got so crowded with all the new people. Naturally, I took offense to that. 3) I was all set to use my markers, but after the first drawing, I was informed they weren’t allowed. In truth, they are a bit noxious.

So I bounced– and of course, everyone assumed that I was just not into the model. But the truth was anything but. He was really cute with his floppy uncircumcised willy. I bet he would’ve came like a fountain. Damn it.

Figure Drawing: Rob & the Duo

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Rob had a great body and an amazing bum– like very chunky. With this set, I alternated between gray and blue colored paper and used white pencil to indicate highlight. You know, just trying to do something new. I feel like the guys in the workshop are sick of seeing my regular old pencil drawings.

Next up, we have a hot duo! The tall guy’s name was Corey– he was about 6’5″ with a beautiful sinewy frame, shelf butt, and a willy that made even me do a double take. Corey was a regular model at the workshop and everyone knew him. Super friendly. His friend was a new guy and I couldn’t really get into him because he looked like my dad in the face.

Anyhoo, the full sets are on my site here. Let me know how you like these!