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Top 10 Video Game Songs

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I’ll be scrolling through my albums on my mp3 player and when people see me go through my game soundtracks, they’ll see the original game covers and get all wide-eyed like, “wow– do you have all those games on your iphone?!?” And I smile and say, “no– just the music!” And then they give me a weird look and back away slowly. What can I say? I LOVE GAME MUSIC!

10) Act 1 (Ms. Pac-Man)

I always thought this tune was a little too jazzy and dramatic for the love story of two yellow circles.

09) T.Hawk (Super Street Fighter 2)

He was my least favorite guy in that game– but I loved his theme. MEKSHIKO!

08) Flying Stage (Rocket Knight Adventures)

One of Konami’s best little-known titles, it had a great mascot (very Smash Bros. worthy) and great music throughout.

07) The Ocean (Vectorman)

This one is good with headphones. In this game’s options menu, under ‘music’ it read “click off if you don’t like good music.”

06) Sandopolis Zone (Sonic & Knuckles)

They really get down in old Sonic games, don’t they?

05) Dreamer (Streets of Rage 2)

From stage 3– where you walk around beating the shit out of people at the amusement park.

04) Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)

It manages to be kinda spooky yet super groovy at the same time– definitely the Thriller of NES game music.

03) Begin Treasure Hunting (Kirby SuperStar)

This is here mostly because it is WAY too epic to be in a Kirby game. It sounds like you’re on a grand quest to save medieval Europe.

02) African Mines (Duck Tales)

I used to time Scrooge’s jumping sound to the beat of the music. If he was ever off beat, it was bad luck.

01) Juggernaut (Marvel Super Heroes)

It’s somewhat dangerous for me to walk around with this playing on my ipod because I get so into it that I wanna punch through glass screaming maniacally like Juggernaut’s voice actor.

The Girls

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Now it’s time to let you guys in on a long hidden secret about me. I am beyond obsessed with something called Hello!Project.

It’s basically a troop of female Japanese recording artists totaling over 50 members. It started out back in 1998, much like our American Idol. But what happened was, the 5 runners up ended up forming a group called Morning Musume and eventually became much more popular than the girl that won the contest. From then on, the group’s manager, Tsunku has held auditions every year to find new girls to put into the group.

The fun thing about it is that now that there are over 50 girls in it, there are tons of groups. And most of the time, they shuffle the groups’ members around. So you have to follow your favorite girls to whatever group they go to. It’s set up for fans to get obsessive about it (me.)

I’ve been following these girls for almost 10 years now. The girls range in age from 8 to 30. My favorite members are Kei Yasuda, Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Aya Matsuura, and Miyabi Natsuyaki.

As they have made my favorite genre of music J-POP, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite videos from Hello!Project. I’m really fighting the urge to go on and on and talk about them forever. Gotta reign it in, JC.