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Like Father Like Son

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“Dad’s always letting that shameless villain Anaconda get the better of him! I know he told me to keep out of this, but I have to help! Moral Boy must prove that I’m as worthy of this costume Mr. Moral! My morals are just as strong as my his!

Ooh, but Anaconda is so damned sexy… those bulging chocolate pecs… those rippling washboard abs… and that beautiful massive fuckstick! Oh no, I’ve fallen into the same trap as Dad! Anaconda will once again have his way and spill two generations of Moral seed at once!”

Commissioned Piece. Enjoy!

5 Years of Blogging?!

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Yup, today marks the 5th anniversary of Anti-Heroes: the blog. Now, keep in mind,, my archive site, has been around far longer than that. (Yea, kinda dates me, I know I’m the olderly.) But I still feel it’s important to celebrate my blogiversary– it’s one of my first steps I took toward getting direct feedback from youze guys!

The sketch I’ve decided to share for this occasion is a rather personal one. I strangely have a fetish for line-ups– and an even deeper fetish for size comparison. Big next to small has always gotten my motor revved, whether it’s cock size or just general body stature.

An un-used version of this has Xavier’s big blue psi-head hovering above, drooling. It was a little distracting so I left it out. Enjoy, you horny devils!

RemiX Wildcard #6

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Now before anyone flips their shit over how Puck isn’t a mutant, know that John Byrne did not necessarily intend that to be the case. The bizarre origin story of the “magical demon inside Puck that makes him strong but also short” is a bit of a retcon. He was definitely intended to be a natural little person but the Byrne plots (the first 30 issues) didn’t quite get around to explaining how he got powers, although I’ve always thought being a mutant is a simple explanation and makes sense.

X-Rated version on my site, → members gallery → fan-boy → X-Men RemiX. Puck may be short, but his appendages most certainly are not!

Remix Wildcard #5

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Back in the 80s and particularly the 90s, one could find comic books almost anywhere. Supporting my addiction, my mom would buy comics whenever she spotted them while out shopping. She’d also haggle, something I was never good at. So, I almost preferred that she bought comics on her own, without me around. This however resulted in her bringing home some real crap titles, X-Men 2099 among them.

So why include Skullfire in my lineup then? Well, 1) I like to remind folks of the insane X-Plosion of the early 90s which, IMO, was a bit of a renaissance for the X-Men. (And yea, this guy did have an action figure. Although I didn’t own him. I had “Meanstreak.” Great name… crap character.)

2) I like showing folks my psychotic encyclopedic brain when it comes to X-Men. For better or worse, I’ve retained a lot of this shit.

3) For the sheer wtf-ness of it. And 4) because of all those 2099 guys, he was the most unique-looking. True, he looked like the sperm-baby of Gambit and the Crow, but hey, at least I’m not giving you guys Serpentina. (I mean really, Marvel? Serpentina?)

Yummy Zombish Dick Version @ → Members Gallery.

RemiX Wildcard #4

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Despite only making one significant comic book appearance in the 80’s, Berzerker has made it into numerous episodes of two X-Men animated shows as a member of the team in some form or another! Not quite sure why, but including him in my roster allows me to exercise a creative muscle, since there’s not decades of reference to sift through.

This Berzerker is in keeping with the one consistent trait he seems to have with every incarnation– that rather edgy, alternative look. Find out where else he’s pierced at → Members Gallery !