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100 X-Dudes RemiXed!

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Today I uploaded what will (hopefully) be the final 5 additions to my X-Men Remix series, putting the total number of characters at 100! I figure that’s a nice round number and an appropriate number to say “it’s time to stop!” lol.

This project has lasted on and off for 7 years and has, at times, taken over my life. So please check out X-Men Remix on Tumblr and fave, comment, reblog and enjoy one of my fondest artcomplishments of my life!

Sabretooth & Wild Child RemiX

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Personally, I think Sabretooth is great as a villain. So why have I included AoA Vic and Kyle in my RemiX project? Simple: The slash potential between these two is just too delicious to deny.

“As I look at Kyle, a quivering mess on the floor, reeling from the vicious pounding he just received, I can’t help but wonder if what I did was right. He’s got the mental capacity of a dog. Is he really able to consent to what we do? But when he fingers his dripping hole, takes the finger, puts it in his mouth and smiles, my qualms disappear. He crawls over and begins to lick me, starting at my feet, working his way to what was just in his butt. He wants another go. Dog-boy’s got more stamina than anyone I’ve ever seen… except maybe Logan.”

I’m nasty, huh? lol. TUMBLR LINK

Professor X RemiX

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I don’t subscribe to the modern view of Xavier. Modern Xavier is basically a villain. The thing with “Danger” (god what a wack character) and that “Deadly Genesis” bullshit doesn’t exist in my mind. Xavier is not a murderer or manipulator or enslaver.

My Xavier still runs the school and is still the X-Men’s mentor. My Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence is still the X-Men’s primary objective. Xavier is based on Martin Luther King Jr. and I think it goes against character to portray him as heartless and irresponsible as he’s been this past decade or so. Not to mention the fact that he’s already had tons of small periods of vilification in the past. It’s just freaking redundant. Every writer thinks they’re doing something poignant by revealing some evil Xavier secret. It’s only poignant to someone who didn’t read the books when the same shit happened before.

I think there are ways to make the man interesting without making him some secretive asshole. You can still give him flaws– flaws that don’t turn him into an evil jerk. Work with his hoards of ladies he’s romanced in the past. The man’s a ho! Work with his obsession with super-heroism; the costumes, codenames– it’s all technically his idea. Work with how he sometimes uncontrollably mentally shouts at his students and then draw the big blue floating head. lol TUMBLR LINK

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Indra RemiX

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Initially, this one didn’t make my cut. The psi-armor stuff was a little too redundant for me.

But when I needed to fill a few more spots, I decided to include him for a few reasons.

1) The look of the powers is sometimes kinda cool,

2) he’s Indian and I like diversity and

3) it seems like Indra and Anole are a popular slash couple here on the various internets. TUMBLR LINK

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Aurora RemiX

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Lately, Aurora’s been overshadowed by her brother. Let’s face it– the X-Men were always more popular than Alpha Flight. I think Aurora should follow Northstar and get with the X-Men. Jean-Marie has always been a teacher and admittedly prefers other things to fighting. She’d make a great member of the X-School staff, and maybe a reserve member of the X-Men, close to her twin once more. TUMBLR LINK