FIgure Drawing: Slutty Toads

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  • November 13, 2009
“Oh, geez, another Toad post? Why does this guy like frikkin’ mushroom people so much? It’s frikkin’ weird!” LOL, I know, I’m sorry. But I am really excited for the new Mario game coming out this weekend. Not only will I finally get to be Toad again, but it’s a multiplayer sidescroller! …People, a MULTIPLAYER SIDESCROLLER! (cue spaz out)

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So this week in figure drawing, I was kind of distracted (yes, I’m so de-sensitized to porn that two hot guys can be sucking each other’s cocks right in front of me and I can get distracted.) So I drew the models as Toads! Anthony was all worried that I would get kicked out for not taking the class seriously. Haha. What he doesn’t know is that I take Toad very seriously!

The models were very hot. Blue Toad in each of the poses is Doug Repetti, a hunky gay man about town who’s solid muscular body and ample genitals were a pleasure to draw. The other Toads are Adam, a model I’ve drawn so many times before that I decided to give him a different body type in every pose to keep it interesting to me. But the result makes Mr. Blue Toad look like the slut of he century! hehe!

Above is an experiment using this crazy paper Anthony had. It’s black wax or something, and then you scratch it away to reveal a multicolored pattern underneath. It was difficult to scratch if you don’t have the right tool. Also, there’s no erasing. But it made for a cute, fun drawing.

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My Twitter followers know that a few weeks ago, I was home alone a lot and since I have no cable at the moment, I decided to watch all of my Super Mario animated series DVDs. I LOVED that cartoon as a kid and all my memories of why I liked Toad the most came flooding back. He as so awse. Here’s a screenshot from the episode that spoofed Mad Max where he became the TOAD WARRIOR. Get it? SO CUTE!

Toad was such a huge part of the toon but whenever that little bitch Yoshi came along, they unapologetically omitted Toad. That began my hatred for that bastard dinosaur. But now finally, come Sunday, I will get to control Toad, riding Yoshi like the subservient little punk he is, punching him in the face to get him to eat goombas.

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Also, I’m over my issues with Toad being a race rather than one specific character these days. If he’s a race, then my drawings of hunky Toads that fuck each other are more justified.


  • Jezza says:

    I, for one, have no problem with your Toads at all. As a fan of him, myself, I love your hunky, hung interpretations! Feel free to take these sort of liberties during future life drawing sessions. We will enjoy 🙂

  • JC says:

    HEHEHE! I can always count on you for a vote of confidence, Jezza!

    Come back here and draw, bwa!

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Omg, I want the new Super Mario game SO bad, it's the ONLY thing I've added to my Amazon wishlist this year. No, seriously. Furthermore, I absolutely love that you love Toad as much as I do and keep sharing the fanservice with us. No wonder I friggin' adore you! ♥ XD If you lived in Dallas, you'd be my bff and we'd have anime, j-pop and multiplayer gaming parties until we died of sleep deprivation.

    Plus, all these Toads are effing hot. XD

  • JC says:

    Us Toad fans gotta stick together!

    Dude I have other friends in Dallas Ive been meaning to visit– I'll let ya know whenever I make it down there!

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