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Visions of Menziz!

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Hey gang! So come check this show out if you’ll be in NYC. I will be showing a ton of new work, including this piece. I’m very proud of these new series of pieces I will be presenting. I’ve been experimenting! Don’t wanna reveal too much. 😉

For the 1st time, my good pal Lucky Sanford and I will be exhibiting together. So you know, it’ll be a kick-ass show! Hope to see you there!

Tumblr Link

Facebook Event

Get Your Signed Copy Today!

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It’s finally here! Your illustrator, JC Etheredge has finally hooked up with gay publishing giant Bruno Gmunder to release Tongue in Cheek, an 80-page, hardcover collection spanning ten years of gay erotic drawings by moi!

Bruno Gmunder curates this selection, which is mostly work I’ve been commissioned to draw but also has a spattering of my own personal creations. Here’s what they say about it:

“JC Etheredge’s drawings are sexy, funny, charming, and outright provocative! This book is filled to the brim with absurd situations, hilarious anecdotes, and romantic dreams.”

… Um yea, and also huge cartoon penises! lol

Forward written by gay comics mogul Patrick Fillion!

Buy your copy here and it will be signed by me! Own your ♥ of gay porn toons!

Happy Birthday Sale!

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It was my birthday yesterday. I thought I’d give myself a break and not work as a present… but then I had the idea that a better present would be an assload of new members to my site! So I thought to try my first SALE!

So yes, for the next 30 days, I’m offering a DEEP discount on a 1-Month Membership to Usually the cheapest option I offer is $20, but for a limited time, that’s SLASHED to $9.99!

This is the perfect opportunity for all my watchers who’ve said they really wanted a membership but were just a little short of the cash. Take advantage and check out this piece in its full uncensored monster dong, drippy butt glory! LOL Along with literally HUNDREDS more sexy gay cartoon art pieces by moi!

Current members– feel free to comment on your favorite Members-Only pieces! Vouch for me!

Bulgy Buds: the New Batch!

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So I keep forgetting to post this but I’ve had these guys collecting dust in my cabinets of swag for months now. Back in March, I participated in the Black Party Expo and made a bunch of new BulgyBuds for the event; Leather versions of my OC’s and more renditions of popular characters that queers love.

Full list including the original buddies is HERE.

Order at .

Leather Ryan

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Hey duders! So, I’ve got another collab with BlodiaX here! I did a tamer version of this image of Ryan late last year to go on t-shirts at the Black Party Expo, but I always told myself that I’m going to make a dirty version at some point. When BlodiaX offered his animation talents, it seemed like as good a time as any to show off Leather Ryan! Once again, BlodiaX has outdone himself! I love how he interpreted my precum droplets and electric arm! Great job, bro!!! 😉

So, I told myself…

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…way back when I first joined Deviant Art, that I wasn’t going to make pieces specifically for that site– That I wasn’t going to compromise my themes and styles just to have my work shown over there…

And now here I am, censoring old work, specifically because I want to show it on DA. -___-

Anyways, here are the Omega Phi boys again, this time with undies digitally added. The original penis-out versions are on my site.

Ryan Zeus

Corey Vulcan

Brent Hades

Jared Hermes

Jake Neptune

Emerson Venus

BTW, I’m still taking suggestions on what to do with these dudes…

Back 2 Back

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Hey bubbies! Here’s a piece I’ve been sitting on for a few months because it’s Omega Phi related and I still don’t quite know what I’m doing with my Olympian god frat boys.

Originally based on a figure drawing, this piece was one of the proposed covers to a certain little publishing project that went nowhere.

Anyways, a nude, enormous dick, cummy version is available on > Members Gallery > Work Archive > Omega Phi . Enjoy!