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Leather Ryan

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Hey duders! So, I’ve got another collab with BlodiaX here! I did a tamer version of this image of Ryan late last year to go on t-shirts at the Black Party Expo, but I always told myself that I’m going to make a dirty version at some point. When BlodiaX offered his animation talents, it seemed like as good a time as any to show off Leather Ryan! Once again, BlodiaX has outdone himself! I love how he interpreted my precum droplets and electric arm! Great job, bro!!! 😉

So, I told myself…

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…way back when I first joined Deviant Art, that I wasn’t going to make pieces specifically for that site– That I wasn’t going to compromise my themes and styles just to have my work shown over there…

And now here I am, censoring old work, specifically because I want to show it on DA. -___-

Anyways, here are the Omega Phi boys again, this time with undies digitally added. The original penis-out versions are on my site.

Ryan Zeus

Corey Vulcan

Brent Hades

Jared Hermes

Jake Neptune

Emerson Venus

BTW, I’m still taking suggestions on what to do with these dudes…

Back 2 Back

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Hey bubbies! Here’s a piece I’ve been sitting on for a few months because it’s Omega Phi related and I still don’t quite know what I’m doing with my Olympian god frat boys.

Originally based on a figure drawing, this piece was one of the proposed covers to a certain little publishing project that went nowhere.

Anyways, a nude, enormous dick, cummy version is available on > Members Gallery > Work Archive > Omega Phi . Enjoy!

100th Post!!!

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Wow. Nearly 2 years ago, I started this blog as an experiment– not really expecting it to last– not really expecting my interest with it to stay- not really expecting anyone to read it. And now, here I am, 100 posts later, and blogging has become my favorite aspect of my erotic art career!
Blogging has taught me a great deal about the direction I should be going with all this. I know I want to get better, and I know I want to give you guys the artwork YOU want. That’s what gets me off– drawing what turns you guys on!

Hence this celebratory piece. Last time you saw Ryan, our beefy god of thunder, he was rocking out, electrocuting his mighty dong. I know he’s the favorite of the Omega Phi fratboys, and thusly he’s become my favorite. Here, he’s perhaps wrapped up a morning run or gym workout and has stopped to pose and show us his awesome power. Not one for modesty at all, Ryan loves showing off and very much enjoys his devoted following.

Soooo, thanks for giving me the strength and motivation to keep working! I’m here to deliver PORN 4 U!

PS: You may have noticed my sites were down most of the week. My lovely webhosts just up and… do that sometimes. If you tried to e-mail me during that time and it bounced back, please re-send now.Yeah, it’s pretty maddening. I am correcting the issue as I type– rest assured heads will roll.

Rockin’ Ryan

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Not surprisingly, my boy, Ryan, the sexy reincarnation of the mighty Zeus, won the Favorite Frat Boys poll.

This was an old Kid Sonic sketch that I reworked into Ryan. One of my latest fantasies has been the sensuality of rock stars. So now, Ryan is a singer. Who knows whether he’s actually good or not… ‘cuz even if he wasn’t, it’s not like anyone would have the cahones to tell him!

I’ve wanted to work more with pencil for a while now, like one of my idols Tom of Finland. I tend to get a little frustrated when I find that I can’t really render like him. But then I figure, I can cover that up with other assets. Like for one, I do surface design (pattern; textiles,) and I felt very early on while doing this piece that I wanted his outfit to contain some really intricate hand-drawn pattern work. It’s the type of outfit only a man like this could get away with, eh? Comments appreciated.

Favorite Frat Boys

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I have some unused sketches that I want to turn into personal pieces featuring my boys. Vote in the sidebar on your favorite Omega Phi fratboy. You’ll note that last time I asked you guys who was the hottest, Blogger didn’t have this nifty poll feature. So please vote in the sidebar and whichever cuties end up with the highest tally will be featured in some new illustrations. I’ve made it so you can vote on more than one character. If you don’t remember which guy was which, refer to my handy chart below and the original post.

Aaand, fans of these boys will be pleased to know that I am indeed working on a script for an Omega Phi one-shot comic book! It’ll introduce some new characters– pledges, if you will, and make them go through some utterly grueling hazing rituals!

By that I mean they’ll get fucked up the ass.

The Pretty COLORS!

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Whilst fiendishly perusing the Humplex one day, I came across something that really piqued my interest (other than all the cum drenched hotties, I mean.)

Humbuged had some pics that he’d drawn on his Nintendo DS. Being the annoying guppie that I am, I always have the latest tekkie gizmos. Before I got my iPhone, I had a really amazing pocket PC smart-phone that was super customizable. At the time, I was friggin’ obsessed with finding a good digital painting program for it. But alas, none of them really worked.

I dunno why I was/am so preoccupied with a portable digital painter. So needless to say, when I discovered that I could get one for my trusty lil’ DS, I jumped all over that!

The application is called Colors! and it is a homebrew game created by Jens Andersson. It keeps things incredibly simple for ease of use. And the resulting works can look really amazing. I was never a real lover of any traditional media other than a pens and pencils, but this program makes it look like I can watercolor with the beat of ’em! Haha

My favorite feature of the game is that it records every single brushstroke so you can view an animation of the progress of your drawing! I’m so enamoured with this game, it’s not even funny. The only real problem is since I only really play with it in public (on the subway) I can’t really draw anything all that raunchy. When you have a DS or PSP or whatever, it’s a given that folks are gonna look over your shoulder. I don’t know if I could take the guilt of exposing some impressionable young tyke to a giant cartoon cock.

Freakishly Small Hands

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Yay! I’m so happy about the positive response to my Omega Phi boys. Now that I know they’ll be accepted, I’ll have more incentive to actually do something with them. For instance, I’ve been planning an issue of Anti-Heroes where they go back to school. Maybe the Omega boys can make their first appearance there as some formidable enemies / fuck-buddies.

In the meantime, because you guys liked that concept, I thought I’d show you where it originally came from. As I said, I have been intrigued by Greek mythology for the better part of my life. I used to sketch modern versions of the deities quite regularly. So, I’m once again opening up the vault of old shyt to show you these scary sketches of the gods. I was probably 17 or 18 when I drew these and I remember it was an attempt at fashion illustration. Pretty embarrassing– I know. Well, I am still somewhat proud of my Hera and Apollo. But yeah, the rest of them look pretty deformed.

Omega Phi

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What if the most powerful Greek and Roman deities were reincarnated as SEXY GAY FRAT BOYS?

Such is the premise of my latest perversion: The Men of Omega Phi.

I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology. If you think about it, its totally up my alley– a bunch of beautiful super-powered people who fight and screw each other.

Don’t ask me what I have planned for these guys. At the moment, there’s no comic series in the works. I mainly just wanted to design the characters and finally get it down on paper.

I’ve drawn these images as wallpapers, because I felt guilty about taking the old ones down from my site. These are all at widescreen monitor resolution (1680×1050.) For the fullscreen versions at 1024×768, visit the work section of my site.

Comments greatly welcomed and appreciated. Which one’s the hottest? Personally, I have to say that I have a thing for big boy Ryan– and also Emerson. But then again, I wouldn’t push ANY of them outta my bed– haha. Let me know what you guys think.