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Sadistic Anticipation

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For this commission, I had to create the hairiest daddy I’ve ever drawn! I was certainly up to the challenge since I love extremes and was psyched to see how far we could take it!

Oddly, the more taboo elements, like his young but over 18 years old son or the terrified screaming bound chick or the various torture implements are all quite secondary to the daddy’s epic hirsuteness. We’ve even got a fur collar going!

Hang Ten

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The 2nd piece in this clients hanging studs series, here we’ve got two wakeboarder boys and a big buck with some surprises in his jeep. Beaches are always fun to depict– vehicles not so much– although I am always pleased with how they come out! Don’t forget to roll over for the punchline! lol

New Challengers: Hung Twinks!

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Some new additions to this digital paper doll thing, here are Tucker and Dillon, two characters I’ve been drawing a lot this past year in my quest to expand the body types in my stable of fap fantasy men. Since all my influences tend to idealize the male body in the direction of hyper muscular, that’s what I learned to draw first and have always seemed to draw the most. But we all know hot studs can come in many different sizes. In exploring the leaner body type, I’m discovering that many of my life drawing models really fit this style. Check those out on their recently added character study pages: TUCKER / DILLON

I’ve recently heard the term “twunk,” a hunky twink. I guess that may be somewhat apropos here, but I think I just like “massively hung twink” better.

Tucker the Gamemaster

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More of new character Tucker, my nerdy, hairy, skinny but hung-fat stud I’ve been drawing a lot lately. This particular piece was part of my Sparkle Series so there’s a lot of glitter in there. Also, I wanted to see if I could do pixel art with traditional media. So I drew it, traced the parts I wanted to be pixely onto graph paper and then pasted that on the page. It was a fun process that really paid off since this was the very first one to sell at my last show.

Full version is in my Members Galley, accessible by just clicking the image above. The guy who bought it was like “I love how his foreskin is flapping in the wind.” lol