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They Call Me Swipe!

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Same erotic figure drawing model as “Down the Rabbit Hole”but this time turned into Swipe, another Brutal Baller. There’s a very raunchyNight” version where I changed the palette and COVERED him in his own spooge. It’s pretty epic.

And then, after doing both versions of the Swipe drawing, I figured it was easy enough to do the same to this one, thereby unlocking the “Day” version for you guys. In the “Night” version, Tangle’s dumping a monster load you gotta see to believe! hehe!

Clearing it Out

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Realizing that my post number for this year is way lower than normal. It’s weird because I haven’t been working any less– if anything, I’ve been working way more! But I guess I just haven’t gotten around to posting it all. So I’m going through my folders and trying to cram in some posts before the end of the year. Here’s an old-ish figure drawing…

Recent Acquisitions Show 2013

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Hey so a a 20 minute drawing I did at the workshop which (Charles Leslie bought that night on the spot) is in Leslie-Lohman‘s Recent Acquisitions exhibition!

Now, if you know my work, you’ll probably recognize why I don’t consider this to be one of my best pieces. I can’t help but see what’s wrong with it– in fact, I probably would have thrown it out if it wasn’t purchased. But the age old saying goes, “With art, everyone sees something different,” and in this case, the curators are seeing something that I don’t, so… um… that’s cool.

Another cool thing is that it was next to a Charles Demuth and a Bernard Perlin– they’re like in history books, man!

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Down The Rabbit Hole

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Here we have Tangle, the very first Brutal Baller character I ever drew four years ago, back for more! Lately I’ve been loving turning my live model drawings into my characters. This model was “Brandt,” whom you’ll see more of in coming posts. Emphasis on the “WAS” in that sentence, as in very past tense. He was Brandt for about 4 minutes of the pose and then he became “Tangle.” lol.

Earlier this year I actually lost a sketchbook which coincidentally had MANY figure drawings turned into my anthro characters from the Brutal Ballers series. (We’re talking like 50 drawings!) I’ve been mourning that for a while now and sort of feel some weird more-pressing obligation to draw these guys a lot more.

Go down the rabbit hole in the Members Gallery section of > Members Gallery > Archive > Brutal Ballers . Also, I’m selling this original. Let me know if you’re interested! TUMBLR LINK!

Sexy Black

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So I’ve got a lot of new work in on exhibition at Antebellum gallery in Los Angeles. Opening reception is this Friday at 7. Antebellum Blog

The show is called Sexy Black and will also feature work from Belasco, Choklit Daddy, Nenna Joiner, Rick Castro, Bodyart713, Nick Burger, Tom of Finland and more.

Here are some of the drawings I’m showing— these are of model, Andre. He’s a sexy young guy, short in stature but not in the junk department… at all!

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