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New Challengers: Hung Twinks!

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Some new additions to this digital paper doll thing, here are Tucker and Dillon, two characters I’ve been drawing a lot this past year in my quest to expand the body types in my stable of fap fantasy men. Since all my influences tend to idealize the male body in the direction of hyper muscular, that’s what I learned to draw first and have always seemed to draw the most. But we all know hot studs can come in many different sizes. In exploring the leaner body type, I’m discovering that many of my life drawing models really fit this style. Check those out on their recently added character study pages: TUCKER / DILLON

I’ve recently heard the term “twunk,” a hunky twink. I guess that may be somewhat apropos here, but I think I just like “massively hung twink” better.

Tucker the Gamemaster

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More of new character Tucker, my nerdy, hairy, skinny but hung-fat stud I’ve been drawing a lot lately. This particular piece was part of my Sparkle Series so there’s a lot of glitter in there. Also, I wanted to see if I could do pixel art with traditional media. So I drew it, traced the parts I wanted to be pixely onto graph paper and then pasted that on the page. It was a fun process that really paid off since this was the very first one to sell at my last show.

Full version is in my Members Galley, accessible by just clicking the image above. The guy who bought it was like “I love how his foreskin is flapping in the wind.” lol

Tad Gets Dommed

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You’ve probably been seen my two new characters Tiny Tad and Dominic in illustrations here and there lately. But today, I want to reveal some new pieces I’ve been working on, including the narrative that inspired them both!

As I get more into sub/dom dynamics in my drawings, it became apparent that I needed to introduce two characters who really personify those roles. Tad is a cute pocket gay who likes to be thrown around a little 😉 and Dominic is dominant stud who likes to dish out the rough stuff. In terms of design, both borrow ideas from the hot Billyburg hipsters I see everyday.

The story, which is the first of many to come, all featuring my OC’s written by various authors, is super raunchy and deals with a lot of themes that tickle my fancy these days, including size difference! Not for the faint of heart! But it also delves into the characters’ personalities which ultimately inspires me to create more drawings.

Yup, some of these are cropped with full versions available in the Members Gallery. Consider joining because I can say without hyperbole that it’s some of my most faptastic work yet!

All Smiles

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Another in the “I’m Turning All My Figure Drawings Into OC’s” Series. This dude kept this broad smile for the entire 20 min. pose. It was almost eerie. Anyway, I figured I had to capture some of that moment in the final piece once I turned him into Tiny Tad, my current go-to character for these hot pink anuses I’ve been drawing. tumblr link.