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Lick My Pit

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More from that sexy Big Guy / Little Guy figure drawing session. Had to turn them into this pair because A) I am so lately loving using the big man in MarioKart Wii, wantonly barreling into mother fuckers with complete abandon as they scream and fly off the screen.
And B) because I love any excuse to reiterate my favorite piece of text ever:

From the original Mario 2 instruction book. God, I just love it. So random and strangely written.

Oh, and “Lick My Pit” is fabulously cummy and uncensored on > Members Gallery > Fan-Boy Gallery > Nintendo.


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I’ve been debating whether or not to post these as the project isn’t quite over yet and I am technically still hoping to get work from them. But it’s been a long time since my last assignment and I get the feeling the brand may be kaput. So here are a few suggestive Christmas ornaments I was commissioned to design by

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Good commercial clients are hard to find. Yunno, the ones who know what they’re talking about when they give direction– the ones who don’t hesitate, even for a second, about illustration rates. 😛

Anyways, you’ll find that I’ve updated my rates page to include non-commercial commissions now. Try me– you’ll be surprised at what a broke perverted artist will draw!

Let it Rahne!

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Always thought she was an intriguing character. Love that she embodies the idea of dichotomy. Sometimes she’s this sweet, reserved, cute little cupie doll… other times she’s a gigantic, viscous, bloodthirsty beast. I love Wolfsbane! Roll Over for wolf version!

Kemonomimi Fun!

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And not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Imaged “Sonic,” this pic to the right was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but the audio bonus track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.

Boytoon Adventures AVAILABLE NOW!

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Hello kids– just wanted to remind you that one of Class Comics most highly anticipated books is out! Boytoon Adventures is 92 pages of your favorite Class Comics heroes drawn in a new sexy streamlined cartoony style by Bryce Peters! For those who don’t know, Bryce Peters is Patrick Fillion‘s pen name for this new style of illustration.

I’m really glad Class has put out this book. I like that even an artist of Patrick Fillion’s caliber recognizes the importance of diversity of illustration styles. Growing up I was always told that cartoons weren’t “real art” and sometimes you can’t help but let that criticism sink in. So it’s great that such a book like this exists because Patrick, being one of my idols, has pretty much validated the merits of cartooning in erotic art!

Divided into 6 chapters, there’s something here for any fan of gay art. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superheroes, it’s all here… covered in creamy white goo. My personal favorite story is The Ruse, starring Camili-Cat. Cam is Patrick’s #1 character, you can tell by the way he’s drawn– but in THIS book, Cam is rendered in the Bryce Peters style and I dare say this may be my favorite version of Cam to date. I think it’s because I like my anthro characters to be super cartoony. But whatever the reason, these 16 pages of Camili-Cat art is IMHO the hottest we’ve ever seen! The book also features Zahn, Ghostboy, Diablo, Locus, Mako Finn, and some of the men from The Initiation, making it kindof a Class Comics All-Star lineup.

Get your copy at or get it for someone else for the holidays! Maybe you’ll get a blow job in return.

FIgure Drawing: Slutty Toads

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“Oh, geez, another Toad post? Why does this guy like frikkin’ mushroom people so much? It’s frikkin’ weird!” LOL, I know, I’m sorry. But I am really excited for the new Mario game coming out this weekend. Not only will I finally get to be Toad again, but it’s a multiplayer sidescroller! …People, a MULTIPLAYER SIDESCROLLER! (cue spaz out)

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

So this week in figure drawing, I was kind of distracted (yes, I’m so de-sensitized to porn that two hot guys can be sucking each other’s cocks right in front of me and I can get distracted.) So I drew the models as Toads! Anthony was all worried that I would get kicked out for not taking the class seriously. Haha. What he doesn’t know is that I take Toad very seriously!

The models were very hot. Blue Toad in each of the poses is Doug Repetti, a hunky gay man about town who’s solid muscular body and ample genitals were a pleasure to draw. The other Toads are Adam, a model I’ve drawn so many times before that I decided to give him a different body type in every pose to keep it interesting to me. But the result makes Mr. Blue Toad look like the slut of he century! hehe!

Above is an experiment using this crazy paper Anthony had. It’s black wax or something, and then you scratch it away to reveal a multicolored pattern underneath. It was difficult to scratch if you don’t have the right tool. Also, there’s no erasing. But it made for a cute, fun drawing.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

My Twitter followers know that a few weeks ago, I was home alone a lot and since I have no cable at the moment, I decided to watch all of my Super Mario animated series DVDs. I LOVED that cartoon as a kid and all my memories of why I liked Toad the most came flooding back. He as so awse. Here’s a screenshot from the episode that spoofed Mad Max where he became the TOAD WARRIOR. Get it? SO CUTE!

Toad was such a huge part of the toon but whenever that little bitch Yoshi came along, they unapologetically omitted Toad. That began my hatred for that bastard dinosaur. But now finally, come Sunday, I will get to control Toad, riding Yoshi like the subservient little punk he is, punching him in the face to get him to eat goombas.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

Also, I’m over my issues with Toad being a race rather than one specific character these days. If he’s a race, then my drawings of hunky Toads that fuck each other are more justified.

Thick Dick Duck Hunk

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For as long as I can remember, cartoon ducks have always been my heart. I don’t know what it is, I just find them adorable. So, I was dreading (but still anticipating) when and if I’d add an anthro duck to my sexy Layup lineup.

A chunk of me feels like this is sacrilegious since I lump toon duckies in with babies and flowers and all things cute and sweet. But then I remind myself that I did indeed have a crush on Launchpad… and though I never jerked it to these drawings of Ace Duck from the TMNT comic books, 12 year old me did indeed redraw these panels nude, sometimes with Zeke‘s head, for some long lasting fap material.

I mean– for an Archie comic book, those are some pretty racy drawings, no?


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Because, of course, since I don’t already have enough characters (heh heh) here’s some new ones for ya!

 I could never really put into words how I felt about furry. 8 or so years ago, I guess it kinda turned me off… but I couldn’t help but marvel at the work of some of the furry artists. Slowly but surely, some furry pieces here and there would cause a bit of a stir in my pants. And now, in my perverted old age (22– heh heh!) I’m completely into it!

 So yes, Layup is a series of sexy anthro men who play in a sexy anthro b-ball league! Tangle is the first one I drew. It was a little tricky drawing a bunny who’s not Buster or Babs, but hopefully I succeeded in making him look different than them. Next up was SilverMoon. I knew I wanted to tackle a wolf early on because they’re a mainstay of all great furry artists. And lastly came Ridge, the boar, simply because I wanted to do a species that I don’t really see that often. Of the 3, I’m leaning toward Ridge as my fave. Don’t forget to rollover each char for the stiff dong version. Special thanks to KittMouri for the names.

There will be more Layup boys, for sure, but I’ll introduce them intermittently. So don’t worry, I’ve not become a furries-only artist. Just wanted to show you guys just how wild I can get. 😛

Black History Month: Top 10

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Top 10 IMPLICITLY Black Characters

10) Frylock
on Aqua Teen Hunger Force

9) Piccolo
on Dragon Ball Z

8) Sugar Bear
of Super Golden Crisp cereal

7) Lex Luthor
on Superman the Animated Series

6) Destro
on G.I. Joe

5) Rowlf
of the Muppets

4) Jazz
on Transformers

3) Mufasa
of The Lion King

2) Mother Brain
on Captain N the Game Master

1) Panthro
on Thundercats

Ah yes, good ol’ Panthro. Always so tough and masc and just plain cool. Did you know that he was voiced by the guy that played Grandpa Huxtable on the Cosby Show? Weird huh? Well, enjoy my sultry version of this classic stud below:

I’m TOAD, Mafakka!

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So, I have been playing MarioKart Wii. Remember, I vowed not to buy any Mario games that didn’t include my boy, Toad as a playable character. Well, he’s in it and is once again an excellent competitor. I kinda can’t stand his voice though. Why do they make him sound like such a tool? And I don’t like how he doesn’t get legs. What’s that all about? Ok, I realize in his first game as a playable character he was a sprite swap of some guy in baggy pants and a turban. But what if us old school purists liked that Toad best?!

Bulgy Toons

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I used to be obsessed with a little cartoon series called Tiny Toon Adventures. A lot of my drawing style and humor is influenced by that show. There was a lot of adult humor in the cartoon– something that was very innovative at the time.

I used to draw the characters all the time. But as my drawing style changed, so did my renditions of the characters. Below, you’ll see something I recently dredged up from my folder of old stuffs. No, I never drew the Tiny Toons fucking, but when I finally realized how sexy I started drawing them was when I kinda stopped drawing them.

I did however draw VERY provocative versions of Gadget for money.