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RemiX Wildcard #1

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Nearing the end of this X-Men RemiX project, I’ve decided to throw in 7 wildcard characters. They’ll all be surprising and each sexy as all get out!

So first up is Grizzly! I wanted to do a character I could fit into my image of a beefy guy, since you guys are all saying I need to draw more beefy guys.

Definitely one of those early 90’s X-Force explosion characters, Grizzly enjoyed brief minor notoriety and even had a Toy Biz action figure. A member of Cable’s Six Pack and good buddy of Domino, he was then brainwashed into villainy and killed. But regardless of his history, I thought he needed a chance at redemption by my pen. And now that he’s done, I have to say, he’s become one of my sexiest characters to date! Count on me drawing Grizzly again… perhaps with Jean-Paul… or maybe Mr. McCoy… 😉

And yea, the naked version in → Members Gallery is pretty frikkin’ hot, if I do say so myself! I gave his a serious chode! Definitely not one to miss for you bear chasers or anthro lovers out there!

Do You Believe in Magik?

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I resisted drawing Sunfire for quite some time. He’s not an X-Man and I kind of resent him for so often declining membership.

But when my X-Men RemiX to-do count ended up at 79, I told myself I needed to do one more since 80 is such a nicer number to me. (Don’t get me started on that; it’s one of my quirks.) Sunfire beat out quite a few other D-List X-Characters for one reason alone: that he’s the ONLY Asian male x-character. I feel like that’s really pathetic of Marvel, particularly with the slew of Academy X characters recently created. How did an ethnicity that makes up 2/3 of the world’s population get so overlooked?

Drawing Shiro has forced me to admit to the few things I appreciate about the character. 1) JoeMad’s AOA redesign was absolutely genius. 2) I guess it makes sense that some powerful mutant superheroes would rather not be X-Men. It’s more realistic, I suppose. Still, someone in the X-House should have actively sought out another Asian male mutant to fill his spot.

Although Claremont handled Dani well, I’d say that his most interesting and intriguing New Mutant character was Illyana. The idea of Magik and her struggle to reconcile evil with goodness is fascinating to me.

Though she was always a good-guy, her powers come from pure evil. She’s got a sinister side unseen in any X-Person before her, save maybe Wolverine.

Most comfortable shrouded in hellish, demonic imagery, you get the sense she would do anything, no matter how amoral, to further her goals. Fortunately, her goals are usually defending her friends.

(By the way, am I the only one who assumed she was screwing Sym?)

Of all the Generation X characters, I was most excited about and in love with M. She was perfect… that was her power. So cool– especially juxtaposed with all the misfit characters of Gen X .

When M came out, I had an Algerian friend who was very similar to the character– beautiful, smart, spoke like 5 languages, and rich. She approved of M’s personality, stating that Algerian girls are indeed like that… prissy, I guess. She did not however understand why they made her black. “There are no black people in Algeria,” according to my friend. But I was like, “Oh what does she know, it’s Africa– I’m sure there’s some black people there.” LOL!

So, I wonder if that’s the reason behind M’s constant skintone fluctuations. Like, did creators just want a rich African girl, arbitrarily pick Algeria, assume she’d have to be black, later realize that the population is 99% arab, and then make her lighter to retroactively say she’s arab now?

Or does she just have vetiligo? 😉

In any case, my M would probably be like original M… when she wasn’t so bitchy and probably just a biracial black/ arab girl… played by Tatiana Ali in my movie.. hehe!

So yea, I can’t tell whether I’m biased because he’s a ghey, but Victor is my favorite of the Academy X squad. My pal Femmes-Fatales on DeviantArt points out that it’s insensitive to make the lone queer less human looking than everyone else. You’d think I, being as militant about political correctness as I am, would agree. But… I just really like Anole! I think he’s cute! LOL!

Maybe I am swayed by his behind-the-scenes creation story– how he was originally supposed to commit suicide to show both Hellion’s and Elixir’s reactions as cold and caring, respectively. This idea was scrapped when writers and editors realized that offing a gay character for the sole purpose of developing straight characters was fucking lame. And now Anole has proven to be more popular, and quite frankly, a better character than either Hellion or Elixir!

I also like that Anole has been shown to disapprove of Cyclops’ leadership.

Oh yeah, > members gallery > fanboy for for your X-Rated versions of the boys. Hooray for my first Japanese dick in a long time! And my first lizard dick! ^___^

Keep raping my childhood, guys…

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I mean, it’ll probably be superbly animated and probably even be written well. But I’m just not too keen on the designs. I miss the form-fitting costumes, Panthro’s wide nose, and Lion-O’s big hair. I mean, I guess they had to completely redesign it or else no one would think any effort went into it. But I’m a fan of “less is more.” Like sometimes a simple look is stronger than something way over-designed. These guys look like the result of a focus group and some lame evil money-grubbing team of art directors.

The Real McCoy

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I’ve been reminded by all the amazing artists out there who draw Hank McCoy’s earlier incarnations, that original Beast is kinda one of those gay men quintessential ideal studs. Hairy, muscular, with those
big hands and feet— what a hottie!

So I drew Hank, keeping in mind what we all like about him. But then I realized, a lot more people recognize blue Beast. And then I realized, I’ve been meaning to draw evil Beast for ages. And then I realized, well if I’m doing those guys, why not try my hand at cat Beast?

And thusly you have this piece, one of my more sexy pinups, with 4 variations to choose from. And by the way, I draw the Beast’s cock and nads as thick and juicy as the rest of him. > Members Gallery > Fanboy Stuff. Enjoy!


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Oddly enough, I liked Feral a LOT more after her punk-out in X-Cutioner’s Song. Anyone remember this? Rahne and Feral go head to head. Rictor’s like, “Careful, Feral, don’t hurt Rahne!” Cut to Rahne practically ripping Feral’s head off. Boom Boom: Um… you’re worried about Feral hurting Rahne? HHAHAH

Rahne whupped THAT ASS! Cannonball had X-Force fall back and Feral was like, “No argument here.” HAHAHA!! For some reason, that made me love Feral. The fact that she (and Nicieza) recognized that even though Feral was a Wolverine rip, she had her weaknesses… namely the previous Wolverine rips. HAHA.

I felt that after this, Feral’s more conniving and manipulative traits would begin to come to light, since she obviously wasn’t the savage psycho she initially tried to project. But instead they just made her a traitor. At the time, I wasn’t so bothered because man did they draw her ugly. Only a few artists draw Feral cute and kudos to them.
Ugly cat-girls shouldn’t exist, I don’t care how evil they are.

X-Statix Attax! (Day 7)

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For the final day of my X-Statix Tribute Remix Series, I’ll give you sexy, woofy Vivisector!


An awesome character with kind of a boring, redundant power, Vivisector was the resident brain of the group but unlike your typical smart-guy of the team, Miles was just as flawed as the rest, typically getting drunk and picking fights with the team to get more fans and air time.

When he and Phat pretend to come out, Vivisector actually stays out and has to deal with the public’s aversion toward the “intellectual gay guy.” That’s what I love about this title. He recognizes that he’s unpopular but can’t seem to do anything about it. So meta. I imagine though, if he was drawn like how I do ‘im, he’d develop a fan base… particularly one of gay otter chasers! 😉

MERRY X-MAS boys!! Sorry this post wasn’t holiday themed, but I had to continue the series! And if you really want a gift from me, click the above image for a free hairy ween x-rated version!

Lick My Pit

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More from that sexy Big Guy / Little Guy figure drawing session. Had to turn them into this pair because A) I am so lately loving using the big man in MarioKart Wii, wantonly barreling into mother fuckers with complete abandon as they scream and fly off the screen.
And B) because I love any excuse to reiterate my favorite piece of text ever:

From the original Mario 2 instruction book. God, I just love it. So random and strangely written.

Oh, and “Lick My Pit” is fabulously cummy and uncensored on > Members Gallery > Fan-Boy Gallery > Nintendo.


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I’ve been debating whether or not to post these as the project isn’t quite over yet and I am technically still hoping to get work from them. But it’s been a long time since my last assignment and I get the feeling the brand may be kaput. So here are a few suggestive Christmas ornaments I was commissioned to design by

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Good commercial clients are hard to find. Yunno, the ones who know what they’re talking about when they give direction– the ones who don’t hesitate, even for a second, about illustration rates. 😛

Anyways, you’ll find that I’ve updated my rates page to include non-commercial commissions now. Try me– you’ll be surprised at what a broke perverted artist will draw!

Let it Rahne!

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Always thought she was an intriguing character. Love that she embodies the idea of dichotomy. Sometimes she’s this sweet, reserved, cute little cupie doll… other times she’s a gigantic, viscous, bloodthirsty beast. I love Wolfsbane! Roll Over for wolf version!

Kemonomimi Fun!

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And not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Imaged “Sonic,” this pic to the right was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but the audio bonus track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.

Boytoon Adventures AVAILABLE NOW!

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Hello kids– just wanted to remind you that one of Class Comics most highly anticipated books is out! Boytoon Adventures is 92 pages of your favorite Class Comics heroes drawn in a new sexy streamlined cartoony style by Bryce Peters! For those who don’t know, Bryce Peters is Patrick Fillion‘s pen name for this new style of illustration.

I’m really glad Class has put out this book. I like that even an artist of Patrick Fillion’s caliber recognizes the importance of diversity of illustration styles. Growing up I was always told that cartoons weren’t “real art” and sometimes you can’t help but let that criticism sink in. So it’s great that such a book like this exists because Patrick, being one of my idols, has pretty much validated the merits of cartooning in erotic art!

Divided into 6 chapters, there’s something here for any fan of gay art. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superheroes, it’s all here… covered in creamy white goo. My personal favorite story is The Ruse, starring Camili-Cat. Cam is Patrick’s #1 character, you can tell by the way he’s drawn– but in THIS book, Cam is rendered in the Bryce Peters style and I dare say this may be my favorite version of Cam to date. I think it’s because I like my anthro characters to be super cartoony. But whatever the reason, these 16 pages of Camili-Cat art is IMHO the hottest we’ve ever seen! The book also features Zahn, Ghostboy, Diablo, Locus, Mako Finn, and some of the men from The Initiation, making it kindof a Class Comics All-Star lineup.

Get your copy at or get it for someone else for the holidays! Maybe you’ll get a blow job in return.