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Classy Cocks

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Hey gang! I wanted to blog real quick about some exciting new work coming out of Class Comics. All their books are of top-notch quality and feature some of the hottest writer / artist teams in erotic comics. But I wanted to mention 3 of the ones that I find especially titillating!

Sworn #1 isn’t quite new from Class but I don’t think I ever blogged about it. It’s a sexy superhero romp and love story between this adorable twink called Calais and Slammer, a furry redhead badboy. My colorist on Anti-Heroes #3, Silvano is the the artist and the pictures are nothing short of fabulous. His style is reminiscent of the gorgeous animated shows of the 80’s, with his crisp line and vibrant color choices. Throw a few furry cocks in to the mix, and you have a really enjoyable comic read / wank.

Next up is Felinoids #3. Patrick Fillion, founder of Class Comics is the writer / artist here and it seems he’s really outdone himself. The Felinoids are a race of cat people with extremely high sex drives. Yeah, all of Patrick’s characters are pretty sexual, but with the Felinoids, it’s an important character point and part of their fictional history. And with this book, you can tell Patrick is really pushing this fact as the orgies are bigger and more detailed than ever. Practically every page is bodies upon bodies upon more bodies. You will be scanning these panels for hours finding all the sexy details Patrick crams in.

Finally, I’d like to mention Tug Harder #2. Butch McLogic is the writer/ artist on this series and I will admit here that am more jealous of his technical skills than ever! haha. He is absolutely amazing. I love that he celebrates various body types and men of different ages. And he renders each character as lovingly as the next. He’s just a real unique talent that every gay art fan needs to see. The series is about a sexy reporter who goes undercover at a redneck fuck-farm but then they all get abducted by aliens. It’s pretty imaginative and stupid hot.

There are a fuckload of other quality pr0n books published by Class, all of which are on my shelf and highly recommended. Check them out at or at your local comic shop!

Happy Birthday 2 Me

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So I just turned 30 and am still kinda… dealin’ with that. But what’s helped is some of the awesome guest art I’ve gotten lately! It’s kinda starting to accumulate, so I thought I’d go on and share it all with youze.

First up is my good buddy Anthony Gonzales. He never fails to surprise me with his creativity and ingenuity. For my compleanos, he did this awesome drawing of the hot, hung, horny, hard-bodied Anti-Heroes and somehow turned the original into a jigsaw puzzle! Let me just tell you, this was BY FAR the funnest puzzle I’ve ever done. I keep taking it apart and putting it back together again!

Here’s another Anti-Heroes piece Anth did for me. Anthony always poses my characters in such a way that is very evocative of their personalities. More so than anyone who draws these guys (including me,) Anthony really emphasizes their differences in their stances. I love it! I only have a cellphone photo of this one so far. Working on getting the original! (wink wink)

And finally, here’s one Anth did a little while back featuring the ladies of my super-mutant team, the Bomb Squad (featured in Anti-Heroes #3.) I am supposed to be digitally coloring this one… but time and laziness are getting in the way of that task. Still, the inks and line-art really hold up, as they always do with Antony’s stuff. Thanks a million, buddy!

Next up, my other good pal, Jezza does the Anti-Heroes in his own vibrant style. I love how even though Jezza’s style is on the cartoony side, he manages to cram all this subtle detail into his work. For instance, all 3 Anti-Heroes have different faces. I really appreciate the weapon design on Caleb. And is it just me, or do Jezza’s pieces always draw your eye in directly to the cocks? What is it– the placement? Whatever it is, nice job, as always bro! Jezza also recently interviewed me over at his blog so I suggest you dudes read that to find out how perv-minded I really am.

This next one is by Shawnti Therrien, an artist I met at a con a few moths ago. I was scouting artists to commission to draw the Anti-Heroes, but was embarrassed to ask any straight guys. Luckily, I spotted her booth adorned with posters of scantily clad male characters. I immediately thought, “Oh fuk yes, this person isn’t going to have a problem drawing sexiness!” Shawnti was a pleasure to meet and I love her rendition of Tai. This pencil rendering is something I really appreciate, being that I have absolutely no patience for it, myself. LOL

Last but not least is an action-packed painting of Caleb by Bordin Marsinkul. Another artist I met at the con, Bordin was actually sketching at a booth where they were selling markers. His wonderfully gritty Street Fighter pieces were up, so that’s what got me to stop but then I actually saw him work… which was incred. He needed tons of space and went at the paper like a martial artist would a punching bag. He was very animated, which seems to really show through in his work. I love the exuberance and excitement that goes into this piece.

Thanks to all these great artists for inspiring me! Now, I’m gonna go draw and subconsciously rip you all off, hahaha. j/k

Zeke by FMX

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Fellow gay erotica artist / Twitter pal FMX tweeted that he wanted to draw something but wanted suggestions. I jokingly said “do the Anti-Heroes” (seconded by Adam G) and low and behold, he actually did it!

It has all the characteristics of his men that I love: the chiseled body, the crisp lines, the attention to detail, and those beautiful not-quite anime, but non-quite western eyes! The perfect FMX piece.

But what I heart the most about it is that he really nailed Zeke‘s personality. All too often, most Zeke fan-art is a little effeminate. My fellow artists tend to draw him in a woman’s pose– never as threatening or masculine as the other 2 Anti-Heroes. Granted, I know Zeke’s personality is a little diva-ish… and he does kinda have a chick power (telepathy)… and he does wear all that jewelry– so I see why people WANT to draw him femmy. But it was always my intention to portray him very masc but still very pretty.

I see the pose as imposing and masculine. This is why I thought he’d be a great artist to depict Zeke. I based him on character designs by Hirohiko Araki. He draws very pretty, yet tough-looking men. I see a lot of his style in FMX’s work– sexy masculine, virile men– but rendered with the softness and beauty of a dazzling anime heroine.

THANKS AGAIN, Fallen Messiah! 😉

Blonde Ambition

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So a few days ago, I was delighted to discover this piece in my updates on DeviantArt. One of my favorite artists, Drachea Rannak, did a fan-art of Marq, the main character of my series, Persuasions!

His version of my platinum blonde studly schoolteacher is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. Drachea Rannak has an anime/manga influenced style but blends a lot of western sensibilities in his drawing. The coloring on his work is always very bright and vibrant so that it feels almost like a still from a high-budget animation. But, perhaps my favorite part of this piece is the body hair rendering. I don’t know how he did it, but each hair looks totally real and totally lickable!

Check out Drachea Rannak’s gallery on DeviantArt. He does way more than just gay hunks. I especially love his Sailor Princess series. And thanks a lot to Drachea Rannak! I will continue to watch you like a HAWK! hehe.

Bara Caleb

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Woohoo– here’s a piece of artwork featuring the notorious gun-toting, man-machine Anti-Hero known as Caleb Chaos! It’s done by one of my favorite artists, Sarumaru! We wanted to do an art trade some time ago and I had almost forgotten he was working on this! I’m so pleased he did it because I really admire his style. I love that he loves muscles, and I love that he loves nipples, and I love that he isn’t afraid of drawing a big fat penis!

This piece is very indicative of Sarumaru’s style: strong & masculine but with this inherent cuddly softness. And I just looove his boots! (might have to borrow that design for a future issue 😉 )

Sarumaru runs Saru-X, his monster of a blog, frequently updated with sexy, chunky, manly goodness! Thanks, DJ, you’re the best! Now, I’m off to figure out which of his sexy chunky manly characters to draw…

Hells Yes Baby! More FanArt!

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You kids have been busy, haven’t you? *he says perched at his desk, hands folded like Mr. Burns. This weekend I’ve gotten a ball-load of great new fan-art!

These 1st 3 gems are by comic artist extraordinaire, Silvano. I communicate with Silvano on and off as he was the colorist on Anti-Heroes #3. He’s a real amazing talent and I’ve always been in awe of his work. He’s got this amazing color sense that gives his characters this really animated look. Don’t they feel as if they’re going to jump right off the page?!

Perhaps, what I love most about these pieces is that Silvano, being so familiar with the Anti-Heroes, designed his renditions EXACTLY like me! He omits nothing– it’s all there, from Tai’s lip piercing to Caleb’s combat boots!

Please check out more of Silvano’s phenomenal work in the upcoming book called “Sworn” published by Class Comics. It looks pretty steamy!

Next up, is a graphic graphite rendering of our favorite trio by artist Bulldogg Bronx. I appreciate his soft rendering and the utter raunchiness of the pose! Favorite aspect: Tai’s eyes!

Finally, here’s something I’ve always wanted someone to do: a CG rendering of my characters! My partner is a CG artist ad he was working on it a while back– but abandoned it much to my dismay. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone sent me one. There are a lot of gay erotica artists working in Poser, and Thomas gives his own spin on my boys using this program. Favorite part of this one: Zeke’s eyes. They’re like… pools!

Thanks to all of youze guys! I love each piece! And if you all wanna see ALL the fan-art / commissions I’ve gotten of the Anti-Heroes, check out the free “Friends Gallery” section of!

Anthony Gonzales Fan-Art Blowout: 2!

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My extremely talented buddy Anthony Gonzales whipped up some more awesome renditions of Anti-Heroes for us all to salivate over!

Anti-Heroes vs. the Parasites (If you don’t know the Parasites, do yourself a favor and pick up Anti-Heroes #3!)

Ass Up Tai

Power Suit Caleb

Sleeping Giant
Cover Boys

I really love this one of Paxton. I wish you kids could see the hardcopy of this. The color is so vibrant and it’s all traditional media. Frikkin’ awse. Anthony is my hero.

Everyone likes Caleb’s Big Gun

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To quote the artist, “I’m not a bottom but even i gotta give credit to [Caleb’s] huge….gun…”

YEUH! Thank you, Ej-Lyonhartfor this yummy rendition of Mr. Chaos. I really like your rendering and am admiring your giant balls for putting this on DA. I’m so scared of getting banned, I crop out every single dick I draw!

And just a quick word of advice– don’t let anyone tell you the male body is disgusting. I mean– what’s with the double standard? These kids slap all kindsa big-tittied, erect-nippled, drippy-engorged-labia-sporting CHICKS all over DA. Yet the minute they see a dick they start whining about porn. In the words of Artie Lange, “Wah.”

Anti-Heroes Join the Big Boys

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While going through RSS feeds just now, mindlessly marking all the Roids and Rants & Shirtless Superheroes updates as “read,” (honestly those dudes update like 12 times a day! hehe) I came across a brilliant shining surprise. My good buddy Chubtoons who runs the blog Big Boy Toons did a spectacular fan-art of the Anti-Heroes!
I am in love with his technique in general. He always has these sharp, crisp lines in everything he does. So much detail and carefulness goes into his inking that I always enjoy seeing a no-color inked version of his pieces.

Each Anti-Hero has Chubtoons’ signature stylization yet seems maintain the personality I gave them. It’s such a treat when I get these unsolicited because 1) I LOVE it and 2) I’m super embarrassed and shy about asking my favorite artists to do them. It’s like– well, if they don’t know my characters, why would they want to draw them?

So yeah, it’s super flattering that Chubtoons did this and I hope he knows I appreciate it very very much! Thanks again, Jason!

Get Bent!

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Hello gays. I’ve just received printed copies of an awesome project some of us queer artists have been working on. It’s called Bent Comix!

Bent is a community of other gay artists with whom I’ve recently joined to create this cute lil’ sampler of our work! The book is 5 x 7.5, digest size, and 40 pages long. 10 artistic teams contributed 4 pages each to this monster. They are:

I’m so proud to share pages with the likes of this crew. These are some truly gifted gays, everyone. So please support us and our cause (to turn all you fuckers into raving gay sluts) and purchase a copy of the Bent Comix Sampler. I’m selling it in my shop by itself for $5 or as a FREE companion to Anti-Heroes #3. Get it while it’s hot… and sticky!