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RemiX Wildcard #1

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Nearing the end of this X-Men RemiX project, I’ve decided to throw in 7 wildcard characters. They’ll all be surprising and each sexy as all get out!

So first up is Grizzly! I wanted to do a character I could fit into my image of a beefy guy, since you guys are all saying I need to draw more beefy guys.

Definitely one of those early 90’s X-Force explosion characters, Grizzly enjoyed brief minor notoriety and even had a Toy Biz action figure. A member of Cable’s Six Pack and good buddy of Domino, he was then brainwashed into villainy and killed. But regardless of his history, I thought he needed a chance at redemption by my pen. And now that he’s done, I have to say, he’s become one of my sexiest characters to date! Count on me drawing Grizzly again… perhaps with Jean-Paul… or maybe Mr. McCoy… 😉

And yea, the naked version in → Members Gallery is pretty frikkin’ hot, if I do say so myself! I gave his a serious chode! Definitely not one to miss for you bear chasers or anthro lovers out there!

Make it Juicy!

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In college, there was a “Magic Marker Techniques” class which I took and the teacher was out of his fucking mind. The “technique” was basically to use the blender marker heavily or “MAKE IT JUICY” as he so often put it. Anyways, here are the pieces I showed at the Back to the Basement Art Fair. Medium: pencil, ink, marker, colored pencil.


Interestingly enough, this model also had work in the show and was there most of the time. I told him, “hey that drawing is of you,” and he was like “oh nice! my pubes look blow-dried.” LOL, Ah well, that’s my Japanese Anime/ Manga influence…)

Bonus points to anyone who knows where this pose is from… (hint, google image ‘viking’)

So, I told myself…

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…way back when I first joined Deviant Art, that I wasn’t going to make pieces specifically for that site– That I wasn’t going to compromise my themes and styles just to have my work shown over there…

And now here I am, censoring old work, specifically because I want to show it on DA. -___-

Anyways, here are the Omega Phi boys again, this time with undies digitally added. The original penis-out versions are on my site.

Ryan Zeus

Corey Vulcan

Brent Hades

Jared Hermes

Jake Neptune

Emerson Venus

BTW, I’m still taking suggestions on what to do with these dudes…

Mondo Fabuloso

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Lorna, like her lover, Havok, have in common that even though I don’t care too much for them as characters, they have both had some of the coolest costumes in X-History. My favorite Polaris looks were her original exotic priestess costume and a few of her (pre-Matsuda) X-Factor uniforms.

Ric never did anything for me until his relationship with Shatterstar started to come out during Jeph Loeb’s run on X-Force. And while the budding romance was intriguing in a “read between the lines” way, the fact that Ric and Star were so D-list for me overruled any real interest on my part.

PAD seems like he’s going full steam ahead with it now, and although I really loathe de-powered Ric, I have to say his current look trumps anything they’ve ever done for him in the past. (Who remembers that horrid number with the ridiculous green fringe and the big honkin’ X target and that gigantic Kirstie Alley hairdo?)

Nudie version’s over at > members gallery > fanboy.

Okay, everyone who thought Mondo wasn’t really given a chance, raise your hand. I remember the pre-launch Gen X hype like yesterday and I distinctly remember being psyched for this character in particular. Remember, his personality M.O. was “unshakable,” –that he didn’t have a fighting spirit, despite possessing massive power.
I was sooo anxious to see how this would be handled. Then… I guess… it just… wasn’t.

I really enjoy Mondo’s powers. Merging with matter has endless possibilities. That’s why it took me so long to draw him. I wanted to show him using his powers in a unique way. But then I fell back on the tree idea because anything else would have been too difficult to convey, given my skills. I’m glad I went with my first idea because am quite proud of my tree drawing. 😀

And NO, I did not give him a tree dick. Check it out at > members gallery > fanboy.

Another of the miscellaneous kids from the current junior X-Squad, Surge, their unofficial leader, has the redundant powers of super-speed and electricity but needs these needlessly difficult-to-draw gauntlets, that no two artists can draw the same, to control her abilities. Nonetheless, I included her in my lineup because I’ve seen some images where she looks somewhat original with her hair looking like it’s being affected by the electricity.

Figure Drawing: Martin

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Here’s one for you bear chasers out there. Drawing Martin was a nice departure from the muscle guys we normally get in erotic figure drawing.

It was a full house that night because the pic that went out a week earlier showed Martin a lot younger and a lot more muscular. And I don’t have to dance around the obvious fact that a 20-something muscle boy’s gonna draw a bigger crowd than a 40-something husky guy.

But as Michi pointed out, it was a good night for drawing and painting because the artists weren’t as distracted. Indeed, there were a lot of great works that night, and I believe the reason was a combination of the new body-type and the fact that people were less distracted.

I however, being the whore that I am, wasn’t any less distracted than usual. Mesmerized by his body hair, I was determined to get it all down on paper, and thusly may have skipped a pose or two.

Full set of 5 at > members gallery > figure drawing.

Figure Drawing: Brian

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This week’s figure drawing session was a real treat. The few grainy photos I got in email didn’t do the guy justice at all. So, I was more than pleased to find out this model was way hotter in person!

He plays in a gay football league and brought his uniform and let me tell you how crazy fun it was to draw!

Some artists were asking the director to not include the uniform after the first few times, but I loved it! It was great practice and it’s not like I’m ever going to have the opportunity to draw this again.

He was a real nice guy and I actually ended up seeing him at Folsom yesterday, decked out in a hot leather harness. Maybe when he comes back to drawing, that’s what he’ll wear! Can’t wait!

FIgure Drawing: Slutty Toads

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“Oh, geez, another Toad post? Why does this guy like frikkin’ mushroom people so much? It’s frikkin’ weird!” LOL, I know, I’m sorry. But I am really excited for the new Mario game coming out this weekend. Not only will I finally get to be Toad again, but it’s a multiplayer sidescroller! …People, a MULTIPLAYER SIDESCROLLER! (cue spaz out)

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

So this week in figure drawing, I was kind of distracted (yes, I’m so de-sensitized to porn that two hot guys can be sucking each other’s cocks right in front of me and I can get distracted.) So I drew the models as Toads! Anthony was all worried that I would get kicked out for not taking the class seriously. Haha. What he doesn’t know is that I take Toad very seriously!

The models were very hot. Blue Toad in each of the poses is Doug Repetti, a hunky gay man about town who’s solid muscular body and ample genitals were a pleasure to draw. The other Toads are Adam, a model I’ve drawn so many times before that I decided to give him a different body type in every pose to keep it interesting to me. But the result makes Mr. Blue Toad look like the slut of he century! hehe!

Above is an experiment using this crazy paper Anthony had. It’s black wax or something, and then you scratch it away to reveal a multicolored pattern underneath. It was difficult to scratch if you don’t have the right tool. Also, there’s no erasing. But it made for a cute, fun drawing.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

My Twitter followers know that a few weeks ago, I was home alone a lot and since I have no cable at the moment, I decided to watch all of my Super Mario animated series DVDs. I LOVED that cartoon as a kid and all my memories of why I liked Toad the most came flooding back. He as so awse. Here’s a screenshot from the episode that spoofed Mad Max where he became the TOAD WARRIOR. Get it? SO CUTE!

Toad was such a huge part of the toon but whenever that little bitch Yoshi came along, they unapologetically omitted Toad. That began my hatred for that bastard dinosaur. But now finally, come Sunday, I will get to control Toad, riding Yoshi like the subservient little punk he is, punching him in the face to get him to eat goombas.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

Also, I’m over my issues with Toad being a race rather than one specific character these days. If he’s a race, then my drawings of hunky Toads that fuck each other are more justified.