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X-Statix Attax! (Day 2)

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Edie Sawyer was arguably the most popular member of the team in real life AND in the book’s continuity, even though she only lasted for half of the run.

Certainly my favorite of the bunch, she was a murderous, shallow, self-serving, fame-obsessed, drug addicted, kinda slutty, narcoleptic teleporter. She was also quite cold and harsh until she had her inevitable character arc where she falls in love, becomes a little nicer and then dies.

But even in death, she’s still a major component of the series, as the series recognizes her popularity within the series. To be honest, when U-Go Girl dies, the book does take a bit of a dive for me. The tone becomes less fun and a bit more cynical and sinister. The previous characters to have died were superfluous but U-Go Girl was kind-of a major reason to read the title.

X-Statix Attax! (Day 1)

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Here is my week long tribute to a fun period in X-history. In 2001, Peter Milligan and Mike Allred revamped the failing X-Force into a post-modern, satirically-themed title. Though critically acclaimed, the new team failed to garner the attention of enough fans to make it last longer than 40-some issues.

(ROLL OVER for no helmet version.)

I however did enjoy a lot of what this book had to offer. It was rife with spot-on social commentary and superb character development and interaction. And even though the intention was to be more sardonic about the X-Team franchise, I couldn’t help but feel the same about these guys as I did about about the more traditional mutie characters.

The premise was that this superhero team, moreso than the desire to do good, was in it for the fame and money. They had a reality show filmed by the mysterious Doop, a floating green blob who was at times depicted as universally omniscient. The team members would go on to promote X-Force merch and even themselves as individual celebrities, sometimes vying for separate television, film, and music recording deals. This was at a time in Marvel history where mutants are a race and a culture. As Morrison introduced over in New X-Men, there were mutant schools, neighborhoods and nightclubs (and over in Uncanny, mutant brothels, courtesy of Chuck Austen.) It was only natural that a mutant reality TV series would spring up.

Originally calling themselves X-Force, the group changes its name to X-Statix, in a very thinly veiled reference to Rob Liefeld partially owning the name X-Force and thusly needing to be paid whenever it’s mentioned.

A selling point of the book was it’s high character mortality rate, but if you really study the run, there is a core group of 7 who are alive for much of the series. First up, I give you ORPHAN!

At first glance, Guy Smith seems like the only character in the series without a huge ego, since he seems to have all these heavy morals. But he is also suicidal and written with such melodramatic inner pathos, you start to realize he’s just as self-obsessed as the other guys. What’s great about him is that his power, to be super sensetive to everything in the world around him, further emphasizes that deliciously emo personality.

And more something even more delicious… and thick… and turgid… and PURPLE… check him out in the fanboy section of the members gallery!

Battle of the Blondes

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I don’t know why I thought anyone other than the two buff blonde super-studs would have a chance at winning my poll. So, of course, Captain Britain triumps with 26% only narrowly beating Havok (24%.) I compiled the polls from here, DeviantArt and Y!Gallery.

I’ve always liked Brit Cap, asshole attitude and all. Something about him is just so damned sexy… maybe it’s the meanness– lol. I think I like rough trade. LOL. (I mean, can we talk about that Excalibur arc where he was in nothing but thin green pajama pants for like 6 issues? That might’ve been what turned me on to hairy.
Thanks, Alan Davis.

Always loved his high boots and cowl, so those were definitely staying. Then I just combined the flag sleeve element from a newer look with my unified “remix” look.
Oh, and he gets the X on his thigh like I did with his sis.

Havok was actually on my not-so-short list for the initial lineup I made all those years ago. But Cannonball beat him out because I like Havok so much better as a villain. I had the idea to draw him as a sexy bad-boy with Lorna at his feet. LOL. But the good-guy list was growing so much, I kinda had to add him eventually. To me, Alex as a hero always comes off as a second-rate Cyclops. But as a villain, I think has chances to explore new emotions and territory that big brother hasn’t already.

Costume-wise, he was always ahead of the curve. His original costume is nothing short of genius and his first X-Factor uniform was perhaps the coolest X-Costume of 90’s.

But who’d win in a fight between Havok and Captain Britain? Havok’s got those crazy powerful cosmic blasts, but… Brit Cap is kinda… invulnerable. Discuss.

And to see my version of both of these studs nude, > members gallery > fan-boy stuff.

Want More X-People?

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OK, yea this is a rehash of another drawing I did of Berto a while back. But that was completed when the plan was to draw the New Mutants in their classic costumes. Now, as you see, the plan has changed. Rollover for powered-up version. Click for sexy naked Brazilian version… still powered up. 😉

As a kid, in reference to Doug, I’d say things like, “What a lame power. You can’t take this guy anywhere. What a wuss.” Of course, I realized much later, that was the point.

Cypher’s trials and tribulations while playing the role of the doubty X-Man with the passive power were written well; particularly when dealing with self-friend Warlock. The kooky alien (who always seemed to me nothing more than an excuse to draw cartoony) always wanted to protect Cypher from harm, unknowingly increasing Doug’s feelings of uselessness. It made for some strong, captivating character driven plots.

But… is it just me or did Cypher and Warlock’s come off really gay? Ok, I know I’m being un-P.C., implying that two heterosexual males can’t have a deep bond without it seeming queer. But… dude… they were sooo gay. Rollover for the lovey dovey nudie couple version.

No one was more happy than me over Joe Mad’s addition to the X-Talent team in the 90’s. His presence gave me, a humble artist who’s style is more cartoony than realistic, a sense of hope that one day I could illustrate comics. His best work, I’d say, is his early stuff dealing with the Phalanx and of course what he did on the Age of Apocalypse storyline.

He introduced us to Blink, a muse from his sketchbooks, who’d eventually develop a fan following none of his other characters could achieve. I think what we all liked about Blink was that she seems very timid but when pushed, she becomes a powerhouse. Her look and design were totally original. She was cute, cool and sexy all at once. And was the ONLY character I wanted to carry over from the AoA. Instead we got that boring douchebag “X-Man.”

Cecilia is great. She rocks. Of the 3 late 90s next gen X-Men, she was easily the strongest, character-wise. Her concept, her look and her dialogue were always right on the money.

It’s high time we got you a codename. I came up with Hardcase. What do you think?
I think I’m okay with Dr. Reyes.
Nah, not quite X-ey enough. How bout X-Babysitter… since that’s what it seems your new duties are.
Oh is that how we’re playing, little boy? You young X-ers are going to want a doctor around. Especially if you get another arm ripped off.
Dude, if that happens again, what I’m gonna want is whatever happy drugs you have in those pouches on your new costume. Ooh, there’s your codename: X-Pusher.
All right, yunno what? Hardcase is starting to sound ok.

(I know, I need to write for Marvel, don’t I? 😉 )

I feel like I can almost imagine Claremont’s thought process on this one. “Goddamn those mother fuckers, taking my Emma and turning her into the top X-Woman! I’ll show them! I’ll take another member of my Hellfire Club and make her the coolest X-Woman ever!”

WOMP WAH! Sorry, Claremont, no dice. Despite valiant efforts to the contrary, Sage is no where near Emma’s level of popularity. That’s not to say I didn’t want it to happen, though. I really loved Tessa’s look. The one-strap and the hair up put her on a level of class and glamor not many have been able to match.

I loved the cyberpathy and appreciated that it related back to something they touched on way back when. I DID NOT like the “jumpstart” thing. It makes no sense to me why she’d have that power. Seems to me like something that should have been attributed to someone who already interacts with other mutant’s powers like Fabian Cortez, or better yet, SYNCH!

I kinda don’t give two shits about her. I think making new characters out of old ones is a cop-out. And I think fans should wise-up and realize how much they’re being played.

That said, I am learning to appreciate certain aspects of this character (since I know she’s going to be around for a while.) I do like that she comes from X-Men Evolution, which had it’s flaws, but was still an enjoyable tangent on the franchise. And I like how Quesada made her this silent hooker who was into cutting. I liked seeing this character vulnerable. I liked that she wasn’t just “little girl Logan.” But of course, now that’s kinda all she is.

Oh, and I don’t believe in giving X-Men characters an “X” in their names. It’s such a marketing ploy. “You fans need to like this character more cuz s/he has an X in their name.” Fuck off, the TEAM is what’s important– the ensemble– not any individual character. You don’t see a Captain Trek in Star Trek or a Mr. Justice in Justice League or a Fighter Man in Street Fighter. The only character who deserves to have an X in his codename is Professor X.

Of the Academy X/ Young X-Men kids, this guy is fighting hard to earn the title of being my favorite… and winning. (Yea duh, I’m kinda obligated to have a certain green queer as my favorite) But Rockslide is definitely coming in at a close second. Rollover for the big rocky gestalt cock version.

As the humor of this crop of mutants, Santo gets the best lines. But writers are working hard to make him much more well rounded than your average “comic relief” type of character.

Figure Drawing: Pig Logan

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This week in erotic figure drawing, we had a dude who brought along a few props from his
leather pig play collection. I wasn’t mucho attracted to him so the plan to turn him into someone else came about quite early.

The constant debate in my brain was whether to make him Wolverine, who garners me comments and accolade, OR a new self-created hunk. Then I got the idea– why not both?

So when you click each of these drawings, you’ll see piggy Logan with 4 different hairstyles, that’ll totally change how you look at him!

And yes, this model most certainly brought a penis pump to drawing…
and used it… and freaked all of us out.

The Hotness

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Maggot’s one of those characters who I thought had tremendous potential but since wrought with strange, ill-conceived writing and art, he ended up just as a odd blip in X-Men history.

The 90’s gave us many strange, almost grotesque new mutant characters. It was a backlash from the Barbie and Ken mutants of old. Skin, Chamber, Penance, Husk, Marrow and Maggot all either had gross powers or an unusual appearance. I responded well to this change. It made sense to me that some “morlock” type characters could be introduced and not be considered villians.

So with Maggot, I definetely loved his crazy power; the fact that he commanded these two insatiable slug-like entities. But when they started talking about his digestive system and all that stupidness, it became too much. I didn’t need to know all that.

His design was also all over the place. Is he big or is he little? Is he blue or is he brown? Why is he totally ripping off Guido’s look? Well, above is my vision of how Maggot should have looked all the time. And don’t forget to ROLL OVER him to see his long African uncut dark ‘n’ lovely penis.

Next up, the hot-headed Brazilian but Roman but British volcanic beauty, Amara AKA MAGMA! I honestly used to be somewhat indifferent to her until I played the revamped version of her in X-Men Legends. She was one of the more fun characters to play in that game. Admittedly, in my drawing, the powered-up version (ROLL OVER) is way more than I drew for any of the past X-Men I’ve drawn. But I really wanted to capture the experience of how awesome she was in that game. So yeah, I am quite proud of the piece.

A Big Chunk of 2nd Tier X-Men RemiXes

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Ah Rachel. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with thee.

Dislikes: Her all-powerfullness. When she’s portrayed all young and whiney.

Likes: Her kickass BDSM hound costume and the fierce buzzcut or mullet she rocks. When she’s portrayed as a capable, take-action, “I’ll do this myself, fuck all o’ youze,” BADASS!

Rachel always struck me as one of the butchest X-Men. Her clothes and attitude (half of the time) just screamed touch chick. The other half of the time (and I guess this is Claremont’s and Davis’ way of making her 3-dimensional) she acted like an annoying scared little girl. Like every time she whined about Jean not accepting her, I screamed into my comic like “Bitch, she ain’t your mother! Get over it!” Or when she cried about Scott and Jean neglecting her for Nathan, I’d be all, “You ain’t their kid, honey! You don’t exist in their timeline! Get a grip and go screw Meggan, cuz you know you wanna!” hehe

I was always kind of apathetic towards Strong Guy. In fact, I even went through a phase of thinking the character’s creation was offensive to Italian Americans because his name is Guido.

What made me begin to like this character was his writing under Peter David in the new Madrox and X-Factor books. Yea, I’ll be the first to admit, new X-Factor is kind of slow and depressing. But I like the dialogue and character interactions; particularly between Guido and Madrox. They read like they’ve been best buds forever.

I had a lot of fun drawing Guido. Being that he’s a humorous and stylized character, I felt like I could be a little more whimsical with the drawing. I’m surprised, however, at the lack of erotic Strong Guy fan art on the web. He seems like he’d be right up you guys’ alley, particulatly you bear chasers. Get the nude greasy guido cock version at > Members Gallery > FanBoy.

Even at the innocent age of 11, I could sense that Cable was a fan-service character. And I was totally aware that his presence very much changed the industry, spawning tons of copycat characters and themes. There was no shortage of huge, gun-toting, bad-asses in 90’s comics.

So for a long time I really loathed Cable. He just felt overly important. I also didn’t like that as his popularity grew, he got more and more… conventionally attractive. I really hate when this happens to a comic character. They are introduced with unique physical traits, but a soon as they get popular, they get an extreme makeover– e.g. Cable’s sudden luscious Backstreet Boy locks. I mean, This guy was supposed to be OLDER remember?! Nothing annoys me more than bald men who all of a sudden make up new hairlines for themselves. (cough cough Jeremy Piven)

So MY Cable is an homage to original Cable; the Cable I’ve learned to like. I’m talkin Liefeld Cable… with the receding hairline, strange body proportions, tiny feet, useless straps and belts and buckles and all. Naked hairy daddy version at > Members Gallery > FanBoy.

Nothing really bad to say about my girl, Dom. I love that she casually fucks Cable and Wolverine and whomever she effing wants. Such a fierce bitch.

I really liked Random. I mean, really… liked Random. We’re talking traced the panels, redrew him nude, and… liked… those drawings.

Sure, I recognized he was created to be the Wolverine/Cable of X-Factor, but I appreciated his design and personality a lot. And when his backstory (having the name “Marshall Evanstone III” and being revealed to actually be a formless insecure blob) came out, I fell more in love.

I fleshed out his backstory in my head. It begins with a skinny, nerdy, waspy, queer fledgling young mutant who is alienated by everyone in his life. Secretly, he hangs out/ works at a rough and tumble biker bar. He befriends a big rugged biker and maybe even shares a sordid but passionate fuck or two in the bathroom. Then Dark Beast gets ahold of the kid and performs some experiments. Evil Beast holds the big biker guy hostage and has little Marshall use his powers to perform various evil deeds. Finally when the kid decides he’s had enough and tries to leave, Dark Beast offs the kid’s biker lover. Then, partly as an homage to his lover, Marshall re-imagines himself as Random, this quintessential tough macho guy, who not-so coincidentally looks a lot like poor Marshall’s former lover.

Don’t forget to take a gander at the naked version at > Members Gallery > FanBoy. Since Random is a shape shifter, he can make his cock whatever shape or size he wants

Chaos, Mayhem and Bedlam– Those were the 3 codenames given to a very early incarnation of the Anti-Heroes. This was after they became men (yes, the Anti-Heroes were originally women) but before Marvel introduced Jesse Bedlam.

Why do I like Bedlam? Well, in addition to sharing my first name, at the time of his introduction, he completed the triumvirate of there being an African-American man on every generation of X-team. X-Men had Bishop, Gen X had Synch, and now New Mutants/ X-Force had Bedlam.

If you have no idea who I’m talking about, here’s a quickie history. His real first appearance was in the Age of Apocalypse, a dystopian alternate reality where quite a few new memorable characters were created. Bedlam made his way to the main canon universe a few years later, around the time the original X-Force was failing. He lasted till that series’ cancellation but was then killed a few years later in X-Men, along with many other characters by crucifixion on the lawn of the X-Mansion.

Needless to say, I was livid for years. But outta nowhere, Bedlam was inexplicably seen alive in a new book! I kinda don’t need an explanation because his death was senseless in the first place. Let’s celebrate by
wacking off to my drawing of him! > Members Gallery > FanBoy for the naked hairy version!

I kinda don’t know too much or care about this guy. I know he banged Rahne and is now considered to be at the omega level as far as mutants go. But for the most part, he doesn’t interest me. What’s fun though is that he heals. And with my twinky naked version at > Members Gallery > FanBoy, imagine yourself putting your cock in his asshole and being cured of any STDs you may have gotten prior. hehe. Elixir would be renamed “Penicillin” in the gay comix version of X-Men– haha.

Bad Karma

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Today I give you Karma lookin fierce as hell like the badass Vietnamese lesbian mutant psychic she is!

Shan is often overlooked, something they’ve joke about in recent X-Men comics. Finally it seemed as though she was getting some limelight in the new new New Mutants title. But alas, she’s recently become legless or something. I find it interesting that the two X-Men who have lost limbs are gay.

Warning: Ranty X-Men Diatribe Below

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I’ve made no secret of my lack of love for the Academy X characters.

(ROLL OVER Julian for the twinky naked version!)

There were just way too many of them and too many of them had redundant or unimaginative powers and looks. Also, I resented that they got the “full-fledged major player” treatment so early in their creation while Gen X got the shaft. So I never collected their “New X-Men” books simply because I didn’t believe they deserved that monicker.

But as you can see, here I’m including Mercury, Hellion, and Pixie, prominent Academy X characters. Yes, I have had somewhat of a change of heart. I think Marvel’s decision to either kill or all the worst ones was a bad idea. I try to emote along with the characters I read, so it just feels pretty horrible that nearly an entire cast was murdered due to what’s seen as an editor’s mistake. Yea, letting all those Academy X squads spring up like weeds was a mistake, but killing over half of them was a worse mistake.

So I am warming up to these guys because, as characters, they’ve been through a lot. No one deserves to have over half of your graduating class murdered. And indeed, some of the characters express this sentiment.

“All we seem to do well is die.” I think Rockslide said that… Well not in my U, kids!

I’m a Rockstar

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(Powered-Down Version = Roll Over)

(Sexy Naked Uncut Brit Rocker Boy Version = > Members Gallery > FanBoy)

Generation X started off so strong. Those kids were such an interesting group. I really wanted them to go far.

I admit, Chamber wasn’t my favorite on the team. But I very much appreciated his presence and felt he was a much needed jolt to the X-Men franchise.

But there was something I feel like they never really solidified… “What’s under the fire?” They say that his flesh was obliterated when he first used his power, but if there’s nothing there, why is there outline of a chin when he’s covered up?

Well, to solve this conundrun, my version of Jono does have flesh underneath the psi-fire. And let’s just say that maybe underneath it is a sexy angsty rocker boy!

Let it Rahne!

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Always thought she was an intriguing character. Love that she embodies the idea of dichotomy. Sometimes she’s this sweet, reserved, cute little cupie doll… other times she’s a gigantic, viscous, bloodthirsty beast. I love Wolfsbane! Roll Over for wolf version!