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Logan Blushes

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Another figure drawing post-manipulated into an X-Person. I have a love/hate relationship with this guy. I like him on the X-Men, being the bad-ass, being the loose-cannon, saying and doing whatever he feels. I do not like modern Logan… this “James” stuff. I don’t like him on the Avengers. I don’t like him level-headed. I don’t like him as this “everyman” superhero.

I sure like drawing his chest hair though. haha.

Why I Heart Jean

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Yunno for years, Jean Grey was my absolute least favorite X-Men character. I didn’t like how in Uncanny #290 (I was 12,) Jean told Forge that Storm didn’t love him. I was pissed at Jean because she’s supposed to be Storm’s friend and yet ruined Storm’s chance at happiness with Forge. I now see that Jean helped Storm dodge a major bullet with the Forge proposal thing, cuz that fucker is a total loon with a wack power.

Yeah, I harbored that grudge against little miss perfect Jean for a long time. There was also the Psylocke / Cyclops thing in the 90’s. I was rooting for Psylocke because she’s a ninja and ninjas are frikkin’ cool to an adolescent– not to mention the fact that Psylocke was a super sexy, super snarky, bad-ass diva. In the end, Jean won her man back, as well she should have, because Cyclops and Jean Grey are the backbone of the X-Universe.

I’ve come to especially appreciate Jean now that she’s dead and they have Emma taking her place as X-Mother. I like Emma and all, but it’s gone on for too long now and it’s gotten to the point where Emma is hardy Emma in most of the books she’s in. She’s more Jean-ish than ever.

Jean is an important character, even without all the Phoenix bull. (Sorry, I’m sick of that storyline. It was great in the 70’s, so let’s put it to rest.) Jean’s important because she’s the first lady of the X-Men. She’s the one all the boys loved. She’s the one that kept them all around. And for decades, the bond between Cyclops and Jean Grey was the driving force behind so much X-Continuity, it made you really believe this was the couple that as meant to be.

I mean, I know Jean will be back– she’s one of the sacred women of Marvel (along with Invisible Girl and Scarlet Witch.) But I know they’ll put her with Logan because that’s what these punk new readers want.

It’s the Juggernaut Post, Bitch!

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Hey bitches. I feel it’s time to tell you all about the numerous and varied ways the popular X-Men villian, Juggernaut has permeated my life lately.

First things first– what you came here for: the art. Above is my recently drawn cute version of Mr. Marko. He’s a hot one, if you think about it… all big, thick and burly. Rollover to see his cute face. And for the girthy nude version, go to > Members Gallery > Fan-Boy. Here’s a blurry thumbnail on the left.

I’ve been doing a lot of X-Villians lately and decided to do Cain one day while watching Clean House. Beforehand I had no idea one of my crushes, Matt Iseman was on that show. I’d seen him before on the Sports Soup and was glad to find out he was on Clean House because my ol’ man won’t let me watch Sports Soup. Isn’t he just too cute?! And doesn’t he look just like Juggernaut?! (Well, maybe not so much in these pics.) You have to see him on video. Google him and watch something he’s in. Believe me, he’s totally Juggs– like all tall & wide & blonde with a tiny head. Haha.

And the final thing is this– the I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch viral video that I somehow NEVER SAW ‘TIL NOW, SOME 6 YEARS AFTER IT CAME OUT! My anger over being the last person on Earth to see this subsided when I watched it and couldn’t stop laughing. And now, Vinnie Jones’ line in X-Men 3 actually makes sense to me! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this cuz it’s frikkin’ hilarious.


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Mortimer Toynbee— or Toad, as most of us know him, was never one of my favorite villains in the X-Men universe. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to draw a cute fan-art of him because he’s an X-Men staple, and when written / drawn well, he can be a pretty cool addition to the wide wonderful super mutant world. There’s a gooey nudie version on my site in the Fan-Boy section. Here’s the thumbnail!

The thing about him is, I like different aspects of him from different X-Men media. Like, I like the retooling of his powers in X-Men the first motion picture, his look and personality in X-Men Evolution, and his voice actor in Pryde of the X-Men. The fact that so many different perfectly valid instances of this one character exist got me to thinking about one of my main gripes with the franchise in general.

My problem is and has always been the inconsistency with different instances of the same character. I used to go on these huge rants about how goth Rogue in X-Men Evolution is wrong, or how non-speaking Storn in Wolverine and the X-Men is wrong, or how broken-english, slow-acting Colossus in every media that’s not the comics is wrong.

I’ve now come to finally realize that depending on the interpreter, the characters in the series can be written and drawn ANY FRIKKIN’ WAY THEY WANT. Nowadays there is no one correct way to interpret X-Men. They can be as far away from their original iteration as possible and it’s PERFECTLY OKAY.

Wolverine can be the level-headed leader. Cyclops can be the loose cannon. Emma can be the mom. Storm can… not exist. You can’t get mad anymore– the characters are more like… guidelines. You can’t say “Oh, Nightcrawler would never do that.”

I know this may seem kinda obvious to some of you but I was kinda hung-up on what I saw as bad interpretations of my favorite comic series– even modern issues of the comic series itself. Am I over it? Nah– but I think I much better understand why it’s happened now. And to cope, I’ll just continue to draw them all gay with drippy dicks.