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Bara Caleb

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Woohoo– here’s a piece of artwork featuring the notorious gun-toting, man-machine Anti-Hero known as Caleb Chaos! It’s done by one of my favorite artists, Sarumaru! We wanted to do an art trade some time ago and I had almost forgotten he was working on this! I’m so pleased he did it because I really admire his style. I love that he loves muscles, and I love that he loves nipples, and I love that he isn’t afraid of drawing a big fat penis!

This piece is very indicative of Sarumaru’s style: strong & masculine but with this inherent cuddly softness. And I just looove his boots! (might have to borrow that design for a future issue 😉 )

Sarumaru runs Saru-X, his monster of a blog, frequently updated with sexy, chunky, manly goodness! Thanks, DJ, you’re the best! Now, I’m off to figure out which of his sexy chunky manly characters to draw…

Hells Yes Baby! More FanArt!

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You kids have been busy, haven’t you? *he says perched at his desk, hands folded like Mr. Burns. This weekend I’ve gotten a ball-load of great new fan-art!

These 1st 3 gems are by comic artist extraordinaire, Silvano. I communicate with Silvano on and off as he was the colorist on Anti-Heroes #3. He’s a real amazing talent and I’ve always been in awe of his work. He’s got this amazing color sense that gives his characters this really animated look. Don’t they feel as if they’re going to jump right off the page?!

Perhaps, what I love most about these pieces is that Silvano, being so familiar with the Anti-Heroes, designed his renditions EXACTLY like me! He omits nothing– it’s all there, from Tai’s lip piercing to Caleb’s combat boots!

Please check out more of Silvano’s phenomenal work in the upcoming book called “Sworn” published by Class Comics. It looks pretty steamy!

Next up, is a graphic graphite rendering of our favorite trio by artist Bulldogg Bronx. I appreciate his soft rendering and the utter raunchiness of the pose! Favorite aspect: Tai’s eyes!

Finally, here’s something I’ve always wanted someone to do: a CG rendering of my characters! My partner is a CG artist ad he was working on it a while back– but abandoned it much to my dismay. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone sent me one. There are a lot of gay erotica artists working in Poser, and Thomas gives his own spin on my boys using this program. Favorite part of this one: Zeke’s eyes. They’re like… pools!

Thanks to all of youze guys! I love each piece! And if you all wanna see ALL the fan-art / commissions I’ve gotten of the Anti-Heroes, check out the free “Friends Gallery” section of!

Anthony Gonzales Fan-Art Blowout: 2!

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My extremely talented buddy Anthony Gonzales whipped up some more awesome renditions of Anti-Heroes for us all to salivate over!

Anti-Heroes vs. the Parasites (If you don’t know the Parasites, do yourself a favor and pick up Anti-Heroes #3!)

Ass Up Tai

Power Suit Caleb

Sleeping Giant
Cover Boys

I really love this one of Paxton. I wish you kids could see the hardcopy of this. The color is so vibrant and it’s all traditional media. Frikkin’ awse. Anthony is my hero.

Everyone likes Caleb’s Big Gun

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To quote the artist, “I’m not a bottom but even i gotta give credit to [Caleb’s] huge….gun…”

YEUH! Thank you, Ej-Lyonhartfor this yummy rendition of Mr. Chaos. I really like your rendering and am admiring your giant balls for putting this on DA. I’m so scared of getting banned, I crop out every single dick I draw!

And just a quick word of advice– don’t let anyone tell you the male body is disgusting. I mean– what’s with the double standard? These kids slap all kindsa big-tittied, erect-nippled, drippy-engorged-labia-sporting CHICKS all over DA. Yet the minute they see a dick they start whining about porn. In the words of Artie Lange, “Wah.”

Anti-Heroes Join the Big Boys

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While going through RSS feeds just now, mindlessly marking all the Roids and Rants & Shirtless Superheroes updates as “read,” (honestly those dudes update like 12 times a day! hehe) I came across a brilliant shining surprise. My good buddy Chubtoons who runs the blog Big Boy Toons did a spectacular fan-art of the Anti-Heroes!
I am in love with his technique in general. He always has these sharp, crisp lines in everything he does. So much detail and carefulness goes into his inking that I always enjoy seeing a no-color inked version of his pieces.

Each Anti-Hero has Chubtoons’ signature stylization yet seems maintain the personality I gave them. It’s such a treat when I get these unsolicited because 1) I LOVE it and 2) I’m super embarrassed and shy about asking my favorite artists to do them. It’s like– well, if they don’t know my characters, why would they want to draw them?

So yeah, it’s super flattering that Chubtoons did this and I hope he knows I appreciate it very very much! Thanks again, Jason!

Black History Month: Caleb

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So I couldn’t do so much yammering about black fictional characters in celebration of Black History Month without including my own: Caleb.

My experience in the U.S. wherein blacks are a minority, has caused me to feel a responsibility to include at least one major black character in every set of illustrations / characters I create. Some might call this tokenism, but I don’t think that necessarily has to have negative connotation. Growing up, I was always more apt to consume media that included your “token” black character. I saw these media as integrated, which was important to me.

Tokenism is bad when the black character is a stereotype or when OTHER token traits are applied to him. Like when the token black character is also the token nerd… or token fatty… or token midget… or token foreigner… or token indeterminate race character. Instances like that single the character out, which is counter-productive to the idea of their inclusion in the first place.

Rant, rant, preach, preach, I know, I’m sorry. But I swear, if I see another show where the black one is a wimpy awkward skinny ugly geek with big-ass glasses, I’m going to stab myself.

Anyway, enjoy this latest drawing of Caleb, the black Anti-Hero. I hope what I’ve done with this guy is create a character who is defined by more than his skin color. He’s the brain and the leader, which for me naturally progressed to become this sort-of bossy megalomaniacal mercenary. He’s also very handsome and knows it, like he knows everything, but doesn’t flaunt it. He prefers to flaunt his intelligence and commanding personality. And… his dick. That’s one stereotype I’m happy to perpetuate.

Visit These Blogs:

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Jezza Smilez
Jezza is an amazing artist doing work in our field. I have the pleasure of knowing him in real life and am honored to be pals with ‘im! He’s the one who did this drawing of the Anti-Heroes: (which I originally posted in my Guest Art Bonanza last month here.) You need to check out his Thundercats, which are, quite literally, the sexiest renditions of them I’ve ever seen!

NookieDog has been posting steamy erotic work on his blog for about a year now. It’s a great composite of original hotties and fan-art, but all rendered in warm, realistic style. I am pleased to show you guys this present he gave me today. It’s a fan-art of the Anti-Hero, Tai, done by NookieDog’s careful hand. He has a way of blending these really stark, stylish graphic elements (like this awesome background, and the thick contour line surrounding the figure) with subtle academic rendering techniques (like the texture in Tai’s skin and that beautifully rendered body hair.) Thanks NookieDog for a great gift and a great way to kick off this 3 day weekend!

Guest Art Bonanza!

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Leave it to me to inspire tons of awesome talented artists to send me their porn drawings! HAHA– just joking. Most of these aren’t even porny– but still great, each in it’s own particular way. As you guys know, I adore seeing the Anti-Heroes rendered by other artists. So, without further ado, I’ll present the collection I’ve amassed over the past few weeks.
These two below are by Anthony Gonzales, a great friend and amazing artist. The Power Suit Caleb one, I plan on getting a better scan of, eventually. And the Black and White one is for me to color eventually– although I like how the inks look as is. BUY ANTHONY’S BOOK!

Next up is another by Jeremonkey. (You may remember, he did a cute drawing of the Anti-Heroes back in May.) This time, for my birthday, he gives us his version of one of his favorite scenes from issue #1. He’s really captured both of their personalities here. Also love his coloring style. Looks like a lotta work!

This piece is by my good buddy Kitt Mouri. She sketched this one out while helping me run my booth at the Gay Erotic Expo a few months ago. Tai, I sometimes try to convey, can be a little elvish. Elves are something she specializes in. Good fit!

Here’s a great one I actually got a while back and forgot to post! Yikes! But back when Charha drew it, Tower posted it on his blog. It’s Tower’s characters Ractus the rat, Lange the fox, Revedian the tiger, and Tower the wolf doing cosplay of Zeke, Locus, Camili-Cat, and Tai respectively. Locus and Cam are (of course) Class Comics characters. Whenever I look at this one, it makes me wanna get into furry.

Next up, here’s Power Suit Caleb as drawn by Iceman. Recently I’ve connected with Iceman after being a fan for many years. We agreed to art trade– I did MidnightMan and he did Caleb. Great action pose and lighting.

Here’s a piece by a new friend I’ve made recently named Jezza. No website up for him just yet, although we’re workin’ on it! Jezza can draw pretty realistic, but I was floored when I saw hi more cartoony take on the Anti-Heroes. He’s got a fresh, unique style. Can’t wait to see more from him.

Lastly, I’d like to treat you all to a REALLY special treat. I’ve always been interested to know what the Anti-Heroes would look like as genuine bona fide action figures. So, I decided to commission Tobias Trost over at Imatoy.

I had been corresponding with him via email for a while and always knew in the back of my head that he’s who I wanted to make my Anti-Heroes toys. He does really great work. Tobias said that these were some of his favorite pieces to create. Indeed they are unique because he’s working in a larger scale and using more sculpting and painting and accessories than ever. It’s all made for some really great models of my favorite hot hung horny hard-bodies. My favorite of the three is definitely Zeke. There was a lot of back and forth and experimentation with him, but he came out pretty amazing.

It’s funny because I have these on my shelves with my Marvel Legends and Sota Street Fighter toys, and people ALWAYS double take when they see the Anti-Heroes amongst them. Like, “Woa! What X-Man is THAT supposed to be– with the big bulge… oh wait… that’s one of your characters!”

Thanks to everyone who sent me Anti-Heroes art. You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it! There’ve been days lately where I’ve been feeling like this whole art thing isn’t worth the effort, so when I get great gifts like these, not only does it make me feel good, it also validates my staying in the game. As long as someone out there likes it, I’m gonna keep on doin’ it! THANKS! SMOOCHES!

The Anthony Gonzales Fan-Art BLOWOUT!

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I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I think now is the time to reveal my pal, Anthony Gonzales’ massive fan-art collection of the Anti-Heroes!

I spoke about Anthony in an older post in response to a few fan-arts he did of my original characters. Little did I know then that he’d give me a TON more!!! I wanted to display ALL of it right away but that was during my hellish-no-time-for-anything-pray-I-don’t-shoot-myself period. Now that I have a little breathing room, I feel like it’s finally time to show you guys Anthony’s awesome masterpieces.

I draw with Anthony at the Workshop, and fell in love with his style early on. He has a way of really capturing a man’s masculinity and virility with nothing more than a sexy pose and naughty facial expression. And he’s a speed demon! No joke, I’ve seen my man sketch, pencil, ink, and color a piece to artistic completion in less than 20 minutes. That’s why even though I was super-excited to get these, I wasn’t too surprised at the volume. I bet he can do 5 of ’em in a night!

Some of these are colored by Anthony. Others are colored digitally by me. We make a good team, huh?

He even showed me some of his thumbnail sketches for pieces he didn’t end up doing. (The two below this paragraph.) He was going to toss them but I begged him to let me hold onto them! They’re pretty detailed sketches, dude!

I also love that he’s into more than just the 3 main characters. He’s a big X-Men fan just like me and thusly likes my mutant rip-offs
, the Bomb Squad. Below are a few of his sketches of them.

One thing I always marvel at with Anthony’s work is his incredible attention to detail. He has a vivid imagination and not only comes up with the figures from his head, but also the props! I kinda don’t love drawing props and doodads, but you can tell Anthony is a pro at it. Just look at this illustration on the right– so crazy detailed, I couldn’t even think about coloring it! (The offer to anyone who wants to is hereby officially on the table!)

I’m a little glad that I held off from posting these for as long as I have because it allowed me to time this post with the release of Anthony’s first art book. Published by Bruno Gmunder, Bronx Boys is a collection of some of Anthony’s best work. Every piece is unmistakably set in New York City. Anthony seems to have captured the very essence of what makes the men here so frikkin’ irresistable.

ANTI-HEROES #3 Available Now!

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And so… at long last, I’m finally pleased to announce the launch of ANTI-HEROES Book #3!

They never thought it could happen, but it has! The Anti-Heroes get captured by the Bomb Squad– a team of super-powered bounty hunters!, led by a woman called Parasite. Learn the true secret of Caleb’s “baby’s mother” and why she wants him dead! Will Caleb’s awesome cybernetic power-suit be enough to escape? Find out in this, the first Anti-Heroes book with full pornographic nudity on more pages than just the pinups! And speaking of pinups– there are twice as many as usual in this book, including some in mind-blowing 3D! 3D glasses included!
I am extremely proud of this book, gang. My art has improved tremendously. I took a lot of care in drawing all the action scenes in such a way that’s exciting, dynamic and (of-course) erection-inducing! This is precisely what took this book so long to come out. I actually had much of it done a very long time ago, but then decided it wasn’t sexy enough. So I went back and redrew most of it, revealing the boys’ drippy dicks and heavy nutsacks as much as possible! I even show a bit of female nudity! This book had to be my raunchiest yet, and thusly, the page count ballooned to an almost unmanageable number. Because of the length, I opted for perfect-binding with a spine, as opposed to stapled binding. In the end, this issue physically feels more like a graphic novel than a short-form comic book.The color this time around is beautifully rendered by the artist, Silvano. His hard-edged, bold shapes really compliment my sharp line, lending the art in this issue more toward cel-shading than a traditional comic book. It ends up looking like stills from some hot steamy cartoon! Fans of animation will really appreciate this book.Oh yeah… and did I mention this puppy’s got a few pages in 3D?! I admit, this was a last minute decision, urged through my friends and partner. He is the one mainly responsible for converting the 3 Splash Pages that have a 3D version. And let me tell ya, if you forgot how awesome anaglyphic 3D really looks, these few pages will definitely remind ya. It’s a little trippy.
So, take a trip over to my online shop and grab your copy of Anti-Heroes #3. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even spooge yourself!

Rock the Vote!

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Submitted for your perusal, here are the last 2 Splash Page pinups I had yet to reveal from Anti-Heroes #3.
Okay so you know how I censor the Splash Pages as incentive for youze guys to buy the book? Well, I figure, as I am so proud of these latest pieces, I kinda want some feedback on them. So here’s what I’m going to do. If you guys vote for which of the Anti-Heroes #3 Splash Pages you’d want to see uncensored, I’ll unveil the winning pieces right here on the blog!
Let’s say I’ll show whichever 2 pieces get the most votes. To remind you of all 8 pinups I’ve done for this ish, refer to the handy guide below– and then vote in the sidebar. Thanks!