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Jezza Smilez
Jezza is an amazing artist doing work in our field. I have the pleasure of knowing him in real life and am honored to be pals with ‘im! He’s the one who did this drawing of the Anti-Heroes: (which I originally posted in my Guest Art Bonanza last month here.) You need to check out his Thundercats, which are, quite literally, the sexiest renditions of them I’ve ever seen!

NookieDog has been posting steamy erotic work on his blog for about a year now. It’s a great composite of original hotties and fan-art, but all rendered in warm, realistic style. I am pleased to show you guys this present he gave me today. It’s a fan-art of the Anti-Hero, Tai, done by NookieDog’s careful hand. He has a way of blending these really stark, stylish graphic elements (like this awesome background, and the thick contour line surrounding the figure) with subtle academic rendering techniques (like the texture in Tai’s skin and that beautifully rendered body hair.) Thanks NookieDog for a great gift and a great way to kick off this 3 day weekend!

Black History Month: Boo

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For the second illustration in my series celebrating Black History Month, (yes, I think one can talk about gay porn in relation to black history!) I’ve decided to do a fan-art of perhaps the most prominent black character in the world of gay erotic art: Boo.

Belasco is a prolific artist with one of the most recognizable art styles known today. He’s been working in the industry for as long time and it seems as though all connoisseurs of gay erotic art are at least familiar with his work. His book, The Brothers of New Essex, a collection of his erotic comic strips is literally in the home of every gay person I know. (I’ve also had it gifted to me… twice… after I already owned it!)

Specializing in black characters, Belasco has a stronghold on an overlooked market. Only a small number of artists in gay erotica include black characters. If it wasn’t for Belasco, the black male would not have a voice in gay erotic art. This is important because the gay black male only barely has a voice in other forms of media. Belasco proudly renders black men with an authenticity unseen by anyone. He celebrates the beauty of a culture.

Oozing with raw sensuality, Boo, the subject of my piece, is Belasco’s signature character. He’s interesting because even though we know he’s the hero– this champion for sexual freedom; at the same time, there’s something inherently mysterious about him. His eyes, one of the most expressive features on a person, are never revealed. I think this gives him an edginess that just makes him even more raw, masculine, and virile. So thanks to Belacso for giving us such sexy characters to drool over!

Black History Month: Bishop

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I wanted to do something for Black History Month… yunno, but this is like… a gay art blog. I’m not gonna draw Thurgood Marshall naked. Even I have limits. So, I thought I’d concentrate on something in contemporary black history– specifically black fictional characters. I think black fictional characters are relevant to mention in a discussion about black history. So let’s talk about my dude, Bishop.

Bishop was introduced in the pages of X-Men in 1991, into a comic industry that really did not have many black male characters to speak of. Luke Cage and Black Panther were virtually unknown to comic goers at the time. X-Men was riding a wave of sudden popularity around the time Bishop first appeared and joined the team making him the most visible black male superhero in the 90’s.

I’ll assert here that Marvel has made a concentrated effort to de-emphasize the character in the past few years. Slowly but steadily, Bishop was written out of the books starting in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. He appeared here and there but was not as much of a regular recurring X-Men team member. The final nail in the coffin was Marvel’s “Civil War” and “Messiah Complex” which essentially vilified the character.

Anyone who’s followed the character’s history knows that the story Marvel’s created to turn him into a villain is specious. The only way they’re able to get away with it is because comic readers today did not read X-Men in the early 90’s. Also, Marvel’s not worried about its responsibility to include positive black male characters because it’s pushed Luke Cage and Black Panther to the forefront as of late.

Too bad for Bishop fans though. You’ll have to just suck it up and accept that no one cares about one of the most culturally important characters of a generation. WELL, I still care about him! I care enough to draw him sexy and naked! Roll over the above image!

Another Fun Poll :)

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One thing that was slightly stressful about doing those greeting cards was that some of them had to be toned down. The insides could be raunchy, but the outsides had to be rated-G. As an artist who thrives on erotica, I kinda missed drawing cock and cum. >__<

So, I think I want to do an X-rated version of each of these that shows cock. And in the situation where I already show the cock, I’ll slather it in cum. ^___^ Please choose which pieces you’d want to see raunchified. If you need to be reminded of what these cards looked like big, click here. Vote in the sidebar for as any pieces as you want! Thanks!

Thanks for voting! Drawings will be up soon!


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Almost 20 years ago, when I first played Street Fighter, (woa– I dunno what’s freakier– that SF is 20 years old or that I can say “20 years ago!”) Zangief was perhaps the last character I picked to play with. Don’t get me wrong– the bulge was magnificent- and he had a great ass. But I think I was freaked out by the scars. Remember in the old games, his scars were bright red– they looked like open sores. Grode.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the awesomeness of the Geefster. So take a look at this quickie I whipped up. Roll over for the SHAVED version. Yeah, who knew he’d be so fucking hot beardless?! YUM! And for nude and erect versions of the Red Cyclone, visit the Fan-Boy section of the Members Gallery. Dosvidanya!

Guest Art Bonanza!

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Leave it to me to inspire tons of awesome talented artists to send me their porn drawings! HAHA– just joking. Most of these aren’t even porny– but still great, each in it’s own particular way. As you guys know, I adore seeing the Anti-Heroes rendered by other artists. So, without further ado, I’ll present the collection I’ve amassed over the past few weeks.
These two below are by Anthony Gonzales, a great friend and amazing artist. The Power Suit Caleb one, I plan on getting a better scan of, eventually. And the Black and White one is for me to color eventually– although I like how the inks look as is. BUY ANTHONY’S BOOK!

Next up is another by Jeremonkey. (You may remember, he did a cute drawing of the Anti-Heroes back in May.) This time, for my birthday, he gives us his version of one of his favorite scenes from issue #1. He’s really captured both of their personalities here. Also love his coloring style. Looks like a lotta work!

This piece is by my good buddy Kitt Mouri. She sketched this one out while helping me run my booth at the Gay Erotic Expo a few months ago. Tai, I sometimes try to convey, can be a little elvish. Elves are something she specializes in. Good fit!

Here’s a great one I actually got a while back and forgot to post! Yikes! But back when Charha drew it, Tower posted it on his blog. It’s Tower’s characters Ractus the rat, Lange the fox, Revedian the tiger, and Tower the wolf doing cosplay of Zeke, Locus, Camili-Cat, and Tai respectively. Locus and Cam are (of course) Class Comics characters. Whenever I look at this one, it makes me wanna get into furry.

Next up, here’s Power Suit Caleb as drawn by Iceman. Recently I’ve connected with Iceman after being a fan for many years. We agreed to art trade– I did MidnightMan and he did Caleb. Great action pose and lighting.

Here’s a piece by a new friend I’ve made recently named Jezza. No website up for him just yet, although we’re workin’ on it! Jezza can draw pretty realistic, but I was floored when I saw hi more cartoony take on the Anti-Heroes. He’s got a fresh, unique style. Can’t wait to see more from him.

Lastly, I’d like to treat you all to a REALLY special treat. I’ve always been interested to know what the Anti-Heroes would look like as genuine bona fide action figures. So, I decided to commission Tobias Trost over at Imatoy.

I had been corresponding with him via email for a while and always knew in the back of my head that he’s who I wanted to make my Anti-Heroes toys. He does really great work. Tobias said that these were some of his favorite pieces to create. Indeed they are unique because he’s working in a larger scale and using more sculpting and painting and accessories than ever. It’s all made for some really great models of my favorite hot hung horny hard-bodies. My favorite of the three is definitely Zeke. There was a lot of back and forth and experimentation with him, but he came out pretty amazing.

It’s funny because I have these on my shelves with my Marvel Legends and Sota Street Fighter toys, and people ALWAYS double take when they see the Anti-Heroes amongst them. Like, “Woa! What X-Man is THAT supposed to be– with the big bulge… oh wait… that’s one of your characters!”

Thanks to everyone who sent me Anti-Heroes art. You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it! There’ve been days lately where I’ve been feeling like this whole art thing isn’t worth the effort, so when I get great gifts like these, not only does it make me feel good, it also validates my staying in the game. As long as someone out there likes it, I’m gonna keep on doin’ it! THANKS! SMOOCHES!

Locker Room Studs

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Ever go to the gym and spot a hot guy checking you out? Does he follow you from machine to machine, surreptitiously glancing at you here and there? Does he conveniently end his workout at the same time as you end yours and follow you into the locker room? Does he brazenly undress in front of you, subconsciously begging your semi to become as engorged as his?

SUCH is the subject of this latest illo, a collaborative work with Fabrissou. He drew my character Marq while I drew his character Francis. Fabrissou is one of my favorite artists. His DeviantArt page has some of his more general work while his Y!Gallery displays his super-hot erotic material. What I love about Fabrissou is that he draws very masculine men– but renders them in very adorably. You just want to pinch their cheeks and zerbert their stomachs! Cocky version on my site.

SOLD OUT! Thanks!

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So guess what?! I SOLD OUT of Anti-Heroes #1 and #2 this week! Remember when I first got them printed about 2 years ago, they were taking over my apartment? Well now they’re NO MORE! A big thanks goes out to everyone who bought my first two books.

And for those who missed out… fear not. There IS still a way to read the first two issues of Anti-Heroes. In my online store, you can purchase and download DIGITAL copies! These comics will be in PDF format, easily viewable on any computer. So if you haven’t yet caught on to the wildest queer comics out there, now’s your chance! And grab the printed version of #3 while you’re there– because now THAT’s taking over my pad! hehe!

Shameless Solicitation

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Sooo, my BIRTHDAY is coming up January 8th. I’ll be 29! It’ll be the LAST YEAR of my 20’s!!! I’m a little freaked by this so feel free to send me my favorite BIRTHDAY present of all– FAN-ART!

JC Does MidnightMan

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Above: MidnightMan by JC

Hey gang. So any follower of the gay erotic art scene should know IcemanBlue‘s work. He’s perhaps best known for doing long-format, super detailed, erotic web-comics featuring some of our favorite beloved mainstream characters. He’s made such a prominent name for himself over the years with the fan-art, most of his followers were heavily anticipating when he’d come out with some original characters.

Left: MidnightMan by IcemanBlue

That he has, and among them are MidnightMan. He is a Tomb Raider / Secret Agent and is the subject of the artist’s first printed work. Iceman’s gotten some of the most prolific artists in our field to do pin-ups of MidnightMan, including yours truly. Enjoy!

Below, Top Left to Right: MidnightMan by Patrick Fillion & AbsoluteBleu. Bottom Left to Right: MidnightMan by Humbuged, & Savage