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Figure Drawing: Persuasions

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I’ll make this confession: I am very very behind in keeping you dudes up to date on the erotic figure drawing sessions I’ve been attending. One reason for this is because the workshops are weekly and it’s just really hard to keep up. The other reason is that I like to have a backlog of material for the blog and my site– particularly in times of… uncreativeness.

And so yeah, I kindof don’t remember the model from which these were based. All I remember is that I probably wasn’t really attracted to him, which is why I turned each of his poses into a hot Persuasions character!


5 more featuring Marq, Preston, Drakaar, Bruce, & Milan in the Members Gallery of my site.

The Anthony Gonzales Fan-Art BLOWOUT!

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I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I think now is the time to reveal my pal, Anthony Gonzales’ massive fan-art collection of the Anti-Heroes!

I spoke about Anthony in an older post in response to a few fan-arts he did of my original characters. Little did I know then that he’d give me a TON more!!! I wanted to display ALL of it right away but that was during my hellish-no-time-for-anything-pray-I-don’t-shoot-myself period. Now that I have a little breathing room, I feel like it’s finally time to show you guys Anthony’s awesome masterpieces.

I draw with Anthony at the Workshop, and fell in love with his style early on. He has a way of really capturing a man’s masculinity and virility with nothing more than a sexy pose and naughty facial expression. And he’s a speed demon! No joke, I’ve seen my man sketch, pencil, ink, and color a piece to artistic completion in less than 20 minutes. That’s why even though I was super-excited to get these, I wasn’t too surprised at the volume. I bet he can do 5 of ’em in a night!

Some of these are colored by Anthony. Others are colored digitally by me. We make a good team, huh?

He even showed me some of his thumbnail sketches for pieces he didn’t end up doing. (The two below this paragraph.) He was going to toss them but I begged him to let me hold onto them! They’re pretty detailed sketches, dude!

I also love that he’s into more than just the 3 main characters. He’s a big X-Men fan just like me and thusly likes my mutant rip-offs
, the Bomb Squad. Below are a few of his sketches of them.

One thing I always marvel at with Anthony’s work is his incredible attention to detail. He has a vivid imagination and not only comes up with the figures from his head, but also the props! I kinda don’t love drawing props and doodads, but you can tell Anthony is a pro at it. Just look at this illustration on the right– so crazy detailed, I couldn’t even think about coloring it! (The offer to anyone who wants to is hereby officially on the table!)

I’m a little glad that I held off from posting these for as long as I have because it allowed me to time this post with the release of Anthony’s first art book. Published by Bruno Gmunder, Bronx Boys is a collection of some of Anthony’s best work. Every piece is unmistakably set in New York City. Anthony seems to have captured the very essence of what makes the men here so frikkin’ irresistable.

100th Post!!!

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Wow. Nearly 2 years ago, I started this blog as an experiment– not really expecting it to last– not really expecting my interest with it to stay- not really expecting anyone to read it. And now, here I am, 100 posts later, and blogging has become my favorite aspect of my erotic art career!
Blogging has taught me a great deal about the direction I should be going with all this. I know I want to get better, and I know I want to give you guys the artwork YOU want. That’s what gets me off– drawing what turns you guys on!

Hence this celebratory piece. Last time you saw Ryan, our beefy god of thunder, he was rocking out, electrocuting his mighty dong. I know he’s the favorite of the Omega Phi fratboys, and thusly he’s become my favorite. Here, he’s perhaps wrapped up a morning run or gym workout and has stopped to pose and show us his awesome power. Not one for modesty at all, Ryan loves showing off and very much enjoys his devoted following.

Soooo, thanks for giving me the strength and motivation to keep working! I’m here to deliver PORN 4 U!

PS: You may have noticed my sites were down most of the week. My lovely webhosts just up and… do that sometimes. If you tried to e-mail me during that time and it bounced back, please re-send now.Yeah, it’s pretty maddening. I am correcting the issue as I type– rest assured heads will roll.

ANTI-HEROES #3 Available Now!

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And so… at long last, I’m finally pleased to announce the launch of ANTI-HEROES Book #3!

They never thought it could happen, but it has! The Anti-Heroes get captured by the Bomb Squad– a team of super-powered bounty hunters!, led by a woman called Parasite. Learn the true secret of Caleb’s “baby’s mother” and why she wants him dead! Will Caleb’s awesome cybernetic power-suit be enough to escape? Find out in this, the first Anti-Heroes book with full pornographic nudity on more pages than just the pinups! And speaking of pinups– there are twice as many as usual in this book, including some in mind-blowing 3D! 3D glasses included!
I am extremely proud of this book, gang. My art has improved tremendously. I took a lot of care in drawing all the action scenes in such a way that’s exciting, dynamic and (of-course) erection-inducing! This is precisely what took this book so long to come out. I actually had much of it done a very long time ago, but then decided it wasn’t sexy enough. So I went back and redrew most of it, revealing the boys’ drippy dicks and heavy nutsacks as much as possible! I even show a bit of female nudity! This book had to be my raunchiest yet, and thusly, the page count ballooned to an almost unmanageable number. Because of the length, I opted for perfect-binding with a spine, as opposed to stapled binding. In the end, this issue physically feels more like a graphic novel than a short-form comic book.The color this time around is beautifully rendered by the artist, Silvano. His hard-edged, bold shapes really compliment my sharp line, lending the art in this issue more toward cel-shading than a traditional comic book. It ends up looking like stills from some hot steamy cartoon! Fans of animation will really appreciate this book.Oh yeah… and did I mention this puppy’s got a few pages in 3D?! I admit, this was a last minute decision, urged through my friends and partner. He is the one mainly responsible for converting the 3 Splash Pages that have a 3D version. And let me tell ya, if you forgot how awesome anaglyphic 3D really looks, these few pages will definitely remind ya. It’s a little trippy.
So, take a trip over to my online shop and grab your copy of Anti-Heroes #3. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even spooge yourself!

My New Home… Someday

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So I was in Barcelona for 8 days! Amazing vacation. I always used to say, I could never permanently live anywhere but New York. But now, I can add Barcelona to that. Barcelona is a very metropolitan city. It’s almost as diverse as New York, has awesome public transportation, and all the amenities of a thriving major city. The architecture, both old and new was amazing and the public spaces, like the parks and such, were just immaculate.

The best was the boys. Dude… boys and men in this city are ridiculously hot. I’m not exaggerating at all. They are so my type… olive complexion, hairy chests, crew cuts, sideburns, 5’o’clock shadows, and since they love football (soccer) so much, they’re all fit. Like even the “average” guys were hot by my standards. I don’t know how it’s possible. But all their faces seem to just have everything in the right place, ya know!? haha.

Negatives: 1) everyone smokes. 2) Catalan totally sounds like lispy Spanish. I can’t say “grathiath” (gracias) with a straight face. 3) they think the mullet is cool. No lie– 75% of all the young people there had some form of mullet. It’s like– in style. wth?

Rock the Vote!

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Submitted for your perusal, here are the last 2 Splash Page pinups I had yet to reveal from Anti-Heroes #3.
Okay so you know how I censor the Splash Pages as incentive for youze guys to buy the book? Well, I figure, as I am so proud of these latest pieces, I kinda want some feedback on them. So here’s what I’m going to do. If you guys vote for which of the Anti-Heroes #3 Splash Pages you’d want to see uncensored, I’ll unveil the winning pieces right here on the blog!
Let’s say I’ll show whichever 2 pieces get the most votes. To remind you of all 8 pinups I’ve done for this ish, refer to the handy guide below– and then vote in the sidebar. Thanks!

A Hunk For Your Birthday

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Hello chickadees. Anti-Heroes #3 is at the printer’s as we speak. In the meantime, I thought I’d show you all the other thing I’ve been juggling: a line of erotic gay greeting cards! The company that produces them contacted me a few weeks ago and although I was slightly overbooked, I took the job because– hey, it’s work. Us illustrators (or… part-time illustrator in my case) gotta take what we can get!

Rollover each card for the punchline that will be displayed on the inside. Note that I didn’t come up with these gag lines– just the characters and poses. I’ll have more cumming in the future, but for now, feast on these hunks. Which one’s the hottest?

For the Caleb Lover

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2 more pin-ups from Anti-Heroes #3, on sale next month!

This book focuses heavily on Caleb… Good news for you guys who like cute megalomaniacal genius black man-machines with enormous cocks!

And also…

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The pop-ups and redirects are not real “virus scanning software.” It’s a scam. Just don’t click anything having to do with it and close it immediately.

It won’t install anything onto your computer– it’s just an annoying pop-up, that goes away once you close it and go to my site as you normally would. THANKS!

I Heart Sexi Trannies

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Here are previews of 2 Splash Pages I’m working on for issue #3. In the coming days, I will post more preview pages now that I’m getting the colored pages in. It’s looking pretty effing amazing, if I do say so myself. And although I’m not giving it away here, this issue will have a special bonus interactive feature which I’m sure you’ll all get a kick out of. All I can tell you is that it’s something that has never before been seen in the pages of gay erotic comic book…