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Anti-Heroes Join the Big Boys

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While going through RSS feeds just now, mindlessly marking all the Roids and Rants & Shirtless Superheroes updates as “read,” (honestly those dudes update like 12 times a day! hehe) I came across a brilliant shining surprise. My good buddy Chubtoons who runs the blog Big Boy Toons did a spectacular fan-art of the Anti-Heroes!
I am in love with his technique in general. He always has these sharp, crisp lines in everything he does. So much detail and carefulness goes into his inking that I always enjoy seeing a no-color inked version of his pieces.

Each Anti-Hero has Chubtoons’ signature stylization yet seems maintain the personality I gave them. It’s such a treat when I get these unsolicited because 1) I LOVE it and 2) I’m super embarrassed and shy about asking my favorite artists to do them. It’s like– well, if they don’t know my characters, why would they want to draw them?

So yeah, it’s super flattering that Chubtoons did this and I hope he knows I appreciate it very very much! Thanks again, Jason!

It’s the Juggernaut Post, Bitch!

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Hey bitches. I feel it’s time to tell you all about the numerous and varied ways the popular X-Men villian, Juggernaut has permeated my life lately.

First things first– what you came here for: the art. Above is my recently drawn cute version of Mr. Marko. He’s a hot one, if you think about it… all big, thick and burly. Rollover to see his cute face. And for the girthy nude version, go to > Members Gallery > Fan-Boy. Here’s a blurry thumbnail on the left.

I’ve been doing a lot of X-Villians lately and decided to do Cain one day while watching Clean House. Beforehand I had no idea one of my crushes, Matt Iseman was on that show. I’d seen him before on the Sports Soup and was glad to find out he was on Clean House because my ol’ man won’t let me watch Sports Soup. Isn’t he just too cute?! And doesn’t he look just like Juggernaut?! (Well, maybe not so much in these pics.) You have to see him on video. Google him and watch something he’s in. Believe me, he’s totally Juggs– like all tall & wide & blonde with a tiny head. Haha.

And the final thing is this– the I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch viral video that I somehow NEVER SAW ‘TIL NOW, SOME 6 YEARS AFTER IT CAME OUT! My anger over being the last person on Earth to see this subsided when I watched it and couldn’t stop laughing. And now, Vinnie Jones’ line in X-Men 3 actually makes sense to me! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this cuz it’s frikkin’ hilarious.

Get Bent!

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Hello gays. I’ve just received printed copies of an awesome project some of us queer artists have been working on. It’s called Bent Comix!

Bent is a community of other gay artists with whom I’ve recently joined to create this cute lil’ sampler of our work! The book is 5 x 7.5, digest size, and 40 pages long. 10 artistic teams contributed 4 pages each to this monster. They are:

I’m so proud to share pages with the likes of this crew. These are some truly gifted gays, everyone. So please support us and our cause (to turn all you fuckers into raving gay sluts) and purchase a copy of the Bent Comix Sampler. I’m selling it in my shop by itself for $5 or as a FREE companion to Anti-Heroes #3. Get it while it’s hot… and sticky!

Figure Drawing: Damian

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An hour before my drawing sessions at Leslie-Lohman I am always scrambling to find something to draw with at my day job. We have a bit of an art studio there so sometimes I find something if use. This time, I scavenged some charcoal sticks and some thick corrugated cardboard which I got an intern to cut into 8×10 sheets for me. Normally I don’t abuse interns, but he eagerly volunteered when he found out what it was for.

The model this week was Damian, a beautiful blonde whom our director was calling “our Nordic prince.” Damian was very tall with wild, impossible, anime hair and big adorable protruding ears. All the traits made for easy caricature, but he also had this wide-eyed expression and angelic long blonde eyelashes which I struggled with. I don’t know why but while I was doing it, I wasn’t happy with the way I rendered his eyes. Only weeks later, after looking at the drawings next to actual photos of him did I appreciate them. I think, in the class, it felt too cartoony– big eyes and long eyelashes have tendency to come off cartoony even though I was totally drawing what was right in front of me.

Hey, wouldn’t this guy make a great Angel / Archangel? Maybe when I redo one of these pieces, I’ll give him wings…

4 of 9 here on the blog.
The rest = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

Question For U, My Friends

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I am working on presenting my work as a whole to different organizations. What word or theme do you think most describes my body of work? I’ve been told everything from “Naughty Disney” to “Raunchy Capcom.” But I want a description that doesn’t reference some other company.

I use “Anti-Heroes” to describe not only my primary crop of characters but also as a description for ALL of them and for my work in general. They’re all a bit naughty, a bit snarky, and kinda contrast with what we all generally think a superhero should do… But I have trouble finding the right words to describe this notion. What am I forgetting? Wordsmiths unite! PLEASE!


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Mortimer Toynbee— or Toad, as most of us know him, was never one of my favorite villains in the X-Men universe. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to draw a cute fan-art of him because he’s an X-Men staple, and when written / drawn well, he can be a pretty cool addition to the wide wonderful super mutant world. There’s a gooey nudie version on my site in the Fan-Boy section. Here’s the thumbnail!

The thing about him is, I like different aspects of him from different X-Men media. Like, I like the retooling of his powers in X-Men the first motion picture, his look and personality in X-Men Evolution, and his voice actor in Pryde of the X-Men. The fact that so many different perfectly valid instances of this one character exist got me to thinking about one of my main gripes with the franchise in general.

My problem is and has always been the inconsistency with different instances of the same character. I used to go on these huge rants about how goth Rogue in X-Men Evolution is wrong, or how non-speaking Storn in Wolverine and the X-Men is wrong, or how broken-english, slow-acting Colossus in every media that’s not the comics is wrong.

I’ve now come to finally realize that depending on the interpreter, the characters in the series can be written and drawn ANY FRIKKIN’ WAY THEY WANT. Nowadays there is no one correct way to interpret X-Men. They can be as far away from their original iteration as possible and it’s PERFECTLY OKAY.

Wolverine can be the level-headed leader. Cyclops can be the loose cannon. Emma can be the mom. Storm can… not exist. You can’t get mad anymore– the characters are more like… guidelines. You can’t say “Oh, Nightcrawler would never do that.”

I know this may seem kinda obvious to some of you but I was kinda hung-up on what I saw as bad interpretations of my favorite comic series– even modern issues of the comic series itself. Am I over it? Nah– but I think I much better understand why it’s happened now. And to cope, I’ll just continue to draw them all gay with drippy dicks.

Figure Drawing: A New Duo!

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For this week’s figure drawing session, there was another pair of guys. One was James, whom I’ve drawn before, and the other was a new guy, also named James. When drawing two guys, though, it’s difficult to get a good facial likeness along with both whole figures. So, for this session, I drew the bodies and left the faces blank, to complete at a later time.

So then, after having the drawings for a little while, I ran through the list of likely muscley couples to turn these into. All-American and Golden Boy didn’t enter my mind for a while because it’s been so long since I’ve drawn them. But once I started the process, it seemed so perfect and natural that these drawings become this sexy duo!

3 of 6 up here. The rest you’ll find in the Figure Drawing gallery on

Just Be-COZ

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I’m back from Cozumel! Was there for a week. Great vacation. We did a lot… sailing, snorkeling, horseback riding, and of course, plenty of laying around on the beach! Weather was perfect.

Here’s a caricature of our riding instructor. So cute– he had the prettiest hazel eyes. Rollover for the surprise!


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Because, of course, since I don’t already have enough characters (heh heh) here’s some new ones for ya!

 I could never really put into words how I felt about furry. 8 or so years ago, I guess it kinda turned me off… but I couldn’t help but marvel at the work of some of the furry artists. Slowly but surely, some furry pieces here and there would cause a bit of a stir in my pants. And now, in my perverted old age (22– heh heh!) I’m completely into it!

 So yes, Layup is a series of sexy anthro men who play in a sexy anthro b-ball league! Tangle is the first one I drew. It was a little tricky drawing a bunny who’s not Buster or Babs, but hopefully I succeeded in making him look different than them. Next up was SilverMoon. I knew I wanted to tackle a wolf early on because they’re a mainstay of all great furry artists. And lastly came Ridge, the boar, simply because I wanted to do a species that I don’t really see that often. Of the 3, I’m leaning toward Ridge as my fave. Don’t forget to rollover each char for the stiff dong version. Special thanks to KittMouri for the names.

There will be more Layup boys, for sure, but I’ll introduce them intermittently. So don’t worry, I’ve not become a furries-only artist. Just wanted to show you guys just how wild I can get. 😛


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This piece was completed in part due to the user VicCreed on DeviantArt. After coming across this piece, I was taken not only by the drawing itself, but by the artist’s immense adoration for Sabretooth. VicCreed’s drawing shows that he thinks Sabretooth is hot for the same reasons I do– the stature, the fuzziness, the attitude… mmmm.
So, thoroughly reminded how much I want to bone Sabretooth, I took to this new drawing. Yunno, five years ago, if you asked me if I thought someone who looks like Victor Creed is hot, I would have been like, “oh god, he’s an aryan, dirty, sweaty, hairy, psychopath who looks like he has insane B.O.” Who would’ve guessed nowadays that phrase alone would be enough to give me an erection?

The Return to Traditional Media

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To be honest, back when I regularly used colored pencil and markers, (some 8 years ago,) I really envied people who could color digitally. Now, digital coloring is pretty much all I do. Recently however, I’ve been offered the chance to participate in a group art show, where originals will be sold at a set price. Being that most of my work is digital, I kinda don’t have originals. I keep the files and just print them out whenever I want to show them or sell them as prints. So how was I going to get myself some originals…?

Anthony Gonzales put me up to the challenge. He basically said that I’ve been using the computer too much and that it’ll be good to show that I still CAN work in traditional media. So I dusted off the ol’ colored pencils and markers, got a pad of brown paper (because stuff just looks so much more arty and bohemian on brown paper,) and got to work!

Basically I just reworked some of my sketches from the figure drawing workshop I go to. Right now though, I feel like I am at a crossroads with where to go with my art. I really like what I’ve done with the colored pencil and marker here, and I definitely want to keep exploring this style of color. But I also want to get much better at digital coloring. I’ve even been thinking of taking a class (I’m looking into this online course by this amazing dude I see at comicon.)

So I don’t know what the future really holds for this stuff. I want to say that I’ll continue to explore different types of media and have a wide variety of different styles for you guys. But who knows– maybe I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg and 2 years from now you’ll be seeing nothing but giant oil paintings on this site…. HAHA (yeah that’ll happen -_-)